• SGIFF 2016 to kick off with a Southeast Asian fantasy noir thriller
    Traditional folklore, urban metropolis, a noir police story, macabre ritual murders, extinct wild birds, supernatural elements all come together at SGIFF! Read More
  • Survive the Doll Factory in the Museum of Horrors 2016
    Scare yourself senseless at the blood-filled haunted maze at the Museum of Horrors. Oh, and do some good while you're at it too, yeah? Read More
  • Highlights from the Urban Wheels Challenge
    Check out some of the photos of these bikes making their way through the obstacles set up at *SCAPE during the Urban Wheels Challenge! Read More
  • Highlights from *SCAPE dance/canvas 2016: Are You in Your Element?
    Here are the highlights from the visually stunning event, *SCAPE dance/canvas 2016: Are You in Your Element? Read More

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