Board of Directors

The *SCAPE team keeps itself accountable to a Board of Directors comprising of government representatives and leaders from both people and public sectors with vested interest and commitment towards the development of youth in Singapore.

The Board meets to deliberate on issues pertaining to the strategic direction of *SCAPE and are also involved in an advisory capacity in areas such as financial management, programming and partnership evaluations.

Mr David Chua
Chief Executive Officer, National Youth Council
Board Members
Mr Muhammad Imaduddien Bin Abdul Karim
Deputy Senior State Counsel / DPP
Attorney-General’s Chambers
Ms Hadi Wahyuni Adiputri
Objectifs Centre for Photography & Film Making
Mr Colin Goh
Chief Executive Officer
The RICE Company Limited
Mr Heng Guan Teck
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Academic)
Institute of Technical Education
Ms Kuik Shiao-Yin
Nominated Member of Parliament and Founder
The Thought Collective Pte Ltd
Mr Kenneth Kwok
Assistant Chief Executive Officer
National Arts Council
Mr Jesher Loi
Branding & Market Development Director
Ya Kun International Pte Ltd
Mr Zaini Bin Mohammad Tahir
Artistic Director & Resident Choreographer
National University of Singapore Centre for the Arts
Mr William Ng
Audit & Assurance Partner
Mr Ong Boon Hwee
CEO Stewardship
Asia Centre Pte Ltd
Ms Rachel Ong
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
ROHEI Corporation
Mr Christopher Pragasam
Executive Director
*SCAPE Co. Ltd