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Industry Networking


IN (Industry Networking) provides a platform to gather aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and professionals to build connections, exchange ideas and gain insights. Each event is focused on a specific industry.

Post-Pandemic Future for the Fitness Industry (Cancelled)

Curious about the various career pathways in the fitness industry? Hear from our esteemed speakers, as they shed light into the fitness industry, sharing with you their personal experiences that may help you in your journey. For post-networking activity, our partner, Revolution, has extended a discounted rate for a session of Spin class to our participants.

Speakers: Edwin Tham (Revolution Singapore) and Gina Chan (SgFitFam)

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Freelancing in an Ever-Changing Landscape (30 Sep 2021)

An increasing number of youths are venturing into freelancing to supplement their income. This is while juggling their academics, dabbling in entrepreneurship, waiting for permanent employment, or simply making the decision to pursue freelancing as a career option.

Hear from seasoned freelancers as they provide insights into the gig economy, sharing on their experiences and how they pivot themselves in the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as things to know before venturing out as a freelancer.

Speakers: Azurah Jan (Co-founder, The Freelancers Academy), KQ (Producer/Writer), Sarah Tan (Student Freelancer), Dylan Zeng (CEO & Founder,

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Student Founders (21 Jan 2021) 

There’s no criteria for being an entrepreneur, and student entrepreneurs know this bestWe have invited rising and established student entrepreneurs for this Industry Networking session to share about their journey juggling both being an entrepreneur and a student. This session has provided a platform for student entrepreneurs to share on how they tapped on their schools’ environment to further their businesses as well as how they tackled the title and identity of being a ‘student entrepreneur’. Additionally, participants have also met like-minded individuals and peers and made meaningful connections.

Speakers: Daryl Lim (Co-founder, Augmentus), Fiona Lee (Founder, Wear Affair), Lei Wong Lei (Co-founder, Ottodot), Keeve Quah (Co-founder, Tictag), Gavriel Tan (Co-founder & CEO, Altimate Nutrition)

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Content Creators (29 Oct 2020) 

All content creators unite. Whether you make video content, write articles or design visuals, so long as your work reaches to end users and customers, we want to hear from you. This session has provided a platform for content creators to discuss how to attract audiences with content as well as necessary business skills for this industry. Additionally, participants have also met like-minded individuals within their industry and made meaningful connections.

Speakers: Benson Toh (Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide Singapore), Stephanie Awyong (Account Director, Ogilvy), Sophia Lee (Digital Content Executive, The Simple Sum), Josiah Ng (Head of Film & Social Content, DDB Singapore/Tribal Worldwide Singapore), Wenqi Cheah (Managing Editor, Our Grandfather Story)

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Education (6 July 2020) 

In its first-ever session, it aimed to connect professionals and startups in the education space, by providing them a platform to discuss what the new normal of education and mentorship is going to look like. This session has also allowed participants the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals within their industry and made meaningful connections.

Speakers: Aziza Sheerin (Regional Director, General Assembly), Felix Tan (Founder & CEO, Skilio), Khairul Rusydi (Co-founder & CEO, Reactor), Roy Tan (Co-founder, Tectech Pte Ltd)

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