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A Peek Behind “Zombiepura”
11 - 19 Oct, 11:00 AM - 7:30 PM
*SCAPE The TreeTop

1) 1 year Anniversary Screening of Zombiepura and post screening panel with the filmmakers – Jacen Tan, Amandi Wong, Junior Foong and June Goh

11 October | 7:30pm to 10pm @ Gallery

When a mysterious virus breaks out in an isolated army camp, a lazy reservist soldier and his tough commander must work together to survive, and learn what it means to be real soldiers. Come revisit the hit zombie movie from Singapore, and get up close and personal with the filmmakers! They don’t bite!



2) “How to look like a Zombie?” Basic Makeup Workshop with June Goh

19 October | 10am to 12pm @ Mediahub | Level 5
[$10 per pax, U.P. $150]

ZOMBIEPURA is widely credited as Singapore’s very first ‘zombie apocalypse’ movie. Find out how chief makeup artist June Goh made zombies look convincing and scary in this hands-on workshop. Arm yourselves with paint and brush, and get ready to create your very own zombies via special effects makeup!

(sold out)

3) Achieving the visual look in Zombiepura: A Production Design Masterclass with Jacen Tan & Junior Foong

19 October | 11am to 1.30pm @ Treetop | Level 5
[$10 per pax, U.P. $140]

ZOMBIEPURA is widely credited as Singapore’s very first ‘zombie apocalypse’ movie. Find out how art director Junior Foong and director Jacen Tan created the unique visual style and ‘look’ of the movie in this masterclass! Participants will then get a hands-on session on dressing up *Scape Treetop to look like a movie set under zombie attack. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! The filmmakers will share tips and tricks on how production design plays an important role in making a movie. Finally, see how the dressed-up set looks on the screen at the end of the session.



4)  Lighting and Shooting Horror Movies – Cinematography Workshop with Lim Teck Siang

19 October | 3pm to 5pm @ Treetop | Level 5
$10 per pax (U.P. $90)

Learn how to light and shoot a scene for a horror movie from Lim Teck Siang, one of Singapore’s most experienced cinematographers. Participants will get to experience what is it like on an actual horror movie set. Be in the room with Teck and director Jacen Tan as they shoot a small scene with a zombie actor ‘attacking’ a victim. Learn camera and lighting techniques, and eavesdrop on the discussion between DOP and director while shooting a scene.