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*SCAPE Emplify EXP+
08 - 29 Jan, 12:30 PM
*SCAPE The TreeTop

Welcome to *SCAPE Emplify EXP+, this is a series of offline workshop aimed at helping you gain knowledge and enhance your gaming skills. There will be a series of 5 workshops in total held in January over a few weekends. The workshop will be conducted by professional players from Paper Rex. Pick up the skills and knowledge required to reach the next level in your gaming journey.

Workshop Schedule

Session #1: Professional Insights 
8th January 2023 | Sunday | 12:30PM
Speakers: Benedict ‘Benkai’ Tan & Josha ‘JdFaker’ Fok
Session #2: Elevating Gameplay
14th January 2023 | Saturday | 12:30PM
Speakers: Alexandre ‘alecks’ Salle & Joshua ‘JdFaker’ Fok
Session #3: Game Mentality/Mental Health
15th January 2023 | Sunday | 12:30PM
Speakers: Alexandre ‘alecks’ Salle & Joshua ‘JdFaker’ Fok
Session #4: Importance of Teamwork
28th January 2023 | Saturday | 12:30PM
Speakers: Alexandre ‘alecks’ Salle & Benedict ‘Benkai’ Tan
Session #5: Importance of Reviewing Gameplays 
29th January 2023 | Sunday | 12:30PM
Speakers: Alexandre ‘alecks’ Salle & Benedict ‘Benkai’ Tan

Limited Slots! Sign Up Now!

To Note:
  1. As the slots are limited we will send out an email confirmation on the Wednesday of each session week to confirm your slot, base on a first come first serve basis, only shortlisted registrants will be contacted.
  2. Once a session is at max capacity, you will no longer be able to register for it.
  3. Emplify EXP+ offline workshops will be held at *SCAPE (Singapore).