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Fellowship Demo Day
24 April, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
*SCAPE Gallery

HubQuarters Fellowship program is a 6-months startup accelerator program for a selected 21 teams, made up of Singaporean young budding entrepreneurs and new startups who are looking to take their ideas to the next level. Over a 6 months period, participating teams underwent 22 alternating sessions of workshops (such as ideation, lean methodology, customer development etc.) and dedicated mentorship (1-to-1 sessions with a mentor that has relevant experience in their field).

Fellowship programme is ending off with a Demo Day on 24th  April 2019 whereby teams will be pitching to a panel of grant and investor funding providers.

Check out the startups from HubQuarters Fellowship programme: 

Anipet AniPETS is a platform for peer-to-peer services for pet lovers to help one another, with the aim of disrupting the profit-driven pet industry and the goal of creating a pet lovers’ community.
Bambooslips is an education community, actively connecting teachers, parents and students.  The cornerstones of our startup are educational events like piano recitals, and a matching platform for teachers and students to connect.
BitGalax Our platform will be a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency-fiat trading platform. Users, whether buyers or sellers, will be able to enjoy our informative and concise listing feature.
BoomX / Boomercise  Boomercise is A Community Led Multi-Component Exercise Programme designed to stimulate cognitive functions and prevent dementia. Program aims to help elderly persons maintain good physical and mental health, by preventing memory decline and delaying the onset of disability.
Crop  We are CROP, an independent design studio consisting of three creatives from various design backgrounds. We aim to achieve to have a sustainable business that not only values the work above everything else but also the creatives and the community.
Which Tutorial We seek to be the Glassdoor of online resources and courses for learning programming. The platform allows users to find trusted and quality learning resources with the consensus of the online community.
goodgoblins goodgoblins is created to reduce the amount of plastic thrash going into the incinerators and landfill. The idea of the product is to create a tech platform for collectors to go to people houses to collect the recyclables, and then there would be a tracking system notifying the users where the recyclables has went to, and what it has become.
HABITUE  Habitue is a travel connection platform that connects travelers and locals to provide travelers with the best authentic travel experience.
INCREA Our idea is to benefit individuals and societies through providing customized education for students hence giving more space and time for students to create value and hence share wealth with the world together.
Innovation Garage We are an education company specialising in STEM, empowering a community of innovators through technology.
Jio Jio is a Peers-to-Peers discount sharing mobile app where the community comes together and fulfilled the criteria to enjoy a discount.
Omnitree / FLIPPO Our goal is primarily to equip educators and institutions in Singapore with localised, engaging, easy-access, easy-to-use tech tools. These tools will empower educators to engage with students in new ways and also allow students the ability to take control increase their interest in learning.
Samaritern Samaritern is a data-driven skills and career development platform to help talents discover more about themselves and their career goals.
SHIFT  SHIFT aims to build a socially responsible work culture by helping organisations develop its corporate social responsibility programme, with a focus on environment sustainability
Staffany StaffAny is an integrated HR and Ops solution that builds trust for hourly workers. We are a B2B SaaS designed for leaner teams.
Successpedia Successpedia Asia is a new social enterprise start up and we aim to go around Asia to cover stories of successful entrepreneurs, successful individuals and also ordinary people with extra-ordinary stories.
Telelay Aiming for a better social integration for the society as a whole, Telelay targets to close the communication gap for the underserved group.
The Volunteer Switchboard Started in 2013, the startup is a registered social enterprise that partners with various organisations to create impactful volunteering opportunities for individuals and corporates.
Narratour Narratour aims to be the pioneers in creating sign language tours in Singapore to cater to tourists and locals with hearing disabilities that may want to understand Singapore’s heritage and culture.
Void Void is a peer to peer platform where gamer can hire other gamer ( service providers) and aims to be the fiver/upwork of the mmo ( massive multiplayer online ) gaming industry.
Zerowaste Food Singapore Foodpact Singapore is a ground-up initiative that aims to help Singapore reduce food waste and accelerate our shift towards becoming a zerowaste nation.

Check out some of our mentors/pitching jury: 

Mr Yoav Elgrichi Yoav Yoav is a serial entrepreneur that successfully built and sold several companies, among his achievements, selling his startup  to Rocket Internet and plays a key role in listing a company in the SGX.
Ms Lavanya Karthikeyan Lavan Lavanya interfaces between Business Development and In-House Legal functions in PBA Group. Her role involves negotiating and enabling strategic (cross-border) partnerships, positioning technology platform offerings to cater to evolving automation needs, and supporting PBA’s team and networks to enable technology access by building an ecosystem for deep technology. 
Ms Khor Qianyi Picture1 Khor Qianyi is a Senior Analyst & Head of Environmental, Social and Governance at Quest Ventures, a leading venture fund for technology companies that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities.
Mr Alex Ng Picture2 Alex leads the investments and help entrepreneurs launch and grow their startup. He has invested in more than 10 startups, helped them to expand overseas and raise the next round of funding.
Mr  Timothy Tay Timtay Timothy works in the social finance department of raiSE. He taps on his past experiences, working in both the financial services and social services to evaluate and manage potential social enterprises to be funded by raiSE through grants or investments.
Mr Brian Liu Brian Brian serves as the co-chair for Young Change Makers programme of National Youth Council. Sitting on the panel of the YCM programme, he evaluates youth seed funding applications for community projects.
Mr Felix Tang Picture3 Felix serves as the associate director of NUS Entreprise. As a member of NUS Enterprise’s investment team, he responsible for sourcing start-ups into the NUS ecosystem and nurturing them to become successful.
Mr Ori Takemura Ori(resized) Ori is a Creative, UX and Product Design director with over a decade long practice in bringing business impact thought meaningful design for the human condition. He has helped brands like PayPal and Millennium Hotels in their digital transformation and customer journey design, currently he is managing a product design team at SPH and is also running a video game company.


Time Programme 
6:00 PM Networking, dinner, startup booths at sides of stage
6:30 PM Short video of *SCAPE
6:35 PM *SCAPE ED: Opening speech
6:40 PM Reactor representative: Run through of 6 months journey, introduction of jury


6:45 PM Representative (1 from bank, 1 from mentor, 1 from panellist): Each to do a 5-minute sharing on how entrepreneurs can tap on resource providers like themselves in their growth, as well as key insights on building a sustainable startup.
7:00 PM Group 1 to 10 pitch & evaluation (5min pitch, 5min panellists’ interaction)
8:40 PM Reactor representative: Closing speech
8:45 PM Networking, startup booths at sides of stage
9:00 PM Close