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Podcast Competition+
06 - 26 Jan
Online Content

Find Your Voice & Tell Your Story

Always wanted to start your own podcast? Dream of becoming the next top podcaster?

Submit your podcast content ideas and bring your stories closer to reality. All participants will receive a special 10% off purchase of any Zoom, Mackie & Samson products from City Music.

Top 10 finalists stand to win attractive prizes and a mentorship programme to produce their own podcast!

Winners also stand a chance to develop their podcast into a series with *SCAPE.

Submit your ideas by 26 January 2021

Click here to submit your ideas today!

Podcast Competition+ Rules: 


The Podcast Competition+ is brought to you by *SCAPE to nurture aspiring podcasters to produce youthful and quality podcast content.

Shortlisted Applicants will receive support and mentorship to develop a podcast episode. Additionally, winners will win attractive prizes and a chance to embark on a partnership with *SCAPE and/or its partners for further development into a podcast series.

The Podcast Competition+ submission period begins at 0000 SGT on 6 January 2021, and ends at 2359 SGT on 26 January 2021.


The Podcast Competition+ is open to any Singaporean or PR ages 15-35 years old (before 31st December 2021) residing in Singapore during the time of submission.


To enter, the Applicant must submit a proposal and audio recording introducing the topic content of his/her choice here.

The Submission should consist of:

i. A proposal (not more than 2 pages) detailing the following:

  • Title of Programme
  • Concept Synopsis: A summary of the topic, or issues that will be addressed in the Podcast. Share the central theme for the podcast.
  • Target Listeners: Podcast audience’s demographic and psychographic profile.
  • Delivery Tone: Describe how the podcast will be presented and the tone that it will be presented in (i.e. casual chat show, serious 1-on-1 interviews, etc). Additionally, please reference 2-3 existing podcasts that are comparable and discuss how this concept is similar and/or unique.

Please download and complete the proposal template here.

ii. Audio Introduction

  • Between one and a half (1.5) and two and a half (2.5) minutes in length.
  • Include self-introduction and share what you want to do for your podcast.
  • Mp3 or Wav format

Submissions must comply with the requirements set out in the Terms and Conditions.

*SCAPE reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, which entries have satisfied the entry requirements and to disqualify any Submission it believes is not consistent with the spirit and theme of the competition.


There will be two (2) rounds of judging, preliminary and final;

During the preliminary round, all submissions that meet the requirements set out in the Rules and Terms and Conditions will be assessed by the judges. The judges will shortlist approximately 10 finalists based on the following in weighted scores.

  1. originality of content
  2. personality and charisma of the presenters
  3. potential for further development
  4. overall presentation

At the end of the mentorship, the shortlisted finalists are required to submit a podcast episode which will be assessed by the panel of judges for the final judging round as well as public voting for audience choice award.

The judges will select two (2) grand winners, while the public will vote for one (1) audience choice winner.


The shortlisted finalists will undergo a 5-week mentorship programme. Mentorship sessions will be held every Saturday from 6 February 2021 to 13 March 2021 (except 13 February) from 10am to 1pm.

Through the programme, shortlisted finalists will learn how to produce a podcast series from ideation to scriptwriting and technical techniques and get professional feedback on their final completed podcast.


The winners will be announced on *SCAPE’s Facebook page on 31 March 2021.

*SCAPE reserves the right to extend or modify the winner notification and announcement schedule or format as deemed necessary, in its sole discretion, to complete the verification process contemplated by these Rules and/or to select an alternate Winner.


1st Prize
$300 Cash Prize
AT2020USB+ V microphone + ATH-M40x Headphones + ATH-CKS5TW in-ear headphones worth $625 presented by Audio-Technica
Zoom P4 Recorder, Samson Mic Stands and Mackie Pop Filter worth S$345 presented by City Music
1 Year Avid Pro Tools Subscription worth S$399 presented by IMS Mahajak Pro Audio

2nd Prize
$150 Cash Prize
AT2020USB+ V microphone + ATH-M30x Headphones worth $377 presented by Audio-Technica
Zoom U22 Audio Interface, Samson Mic Stands and Mackie Pop Filter worth $155 presented by City Music

Audience Choice
$100 Cash Prize
ATR2100xUSB microphone + ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones worth $206 presented by Audio-Technica
Mackie CR3X Studio Monitors worth $170 presented by City Music

Each of the grand Winners will also stand a chance to receive some of the following prizes:

  • Podcast to be featured on *SCAPE and/or *SCAPE’s partner platforms.
  • Partnership with *SCAPE & Mediacorp to co-produce a podcast series

The prizes offered may be subject to changes from time to time and *SCAPE reserves the right to substitute and/or change any of the prizes offered at any stage of the Podcast Competition+.

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