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Creative Arts
*SCAPE Community Arts Residency
02 May - 01 Jul


*SCAPE is calling for proposals from practising youth artists and/or collectives interested in the *SCAPE Community Art Residency. The Residency aims to support practising artists in advancing the field of community arts in Singapore. Through the Residency, artists will have opportunities to inquire, develop arts-based collaborations and co-create with the youth community artworks that will shape communal public spaces and reflect the collective stories of the people. 

One artist/collective from the field of visual arts will be appointed from 1 Aug 2024 – 31 Jan 2025, during which they should actively engage with the youth community, and respond to *SCAPE and/or the Somerset Belt’s unique characteristics in a collaborative art-making process with the community. Some support will be given for the appointed artist/collective to engage community groups, connect with stakeholders, and exchange ideas with peers in the arts community. The artist/collective should document the process and work towards a showcase to be held at *SCAPE or a Somerset Belt venue partner in Jan 2025. 

Projects can take on one of the following formats — exhibition; guided tour; talk, lecture, and workshop; screenings; or a temporary outdoor artwork installation. Applicants may propose other formats of presentation. 

The final showcase must be ready to be presented to the public for the entire duration of the Singapore Art Week 2025 (17 – 26 January 2025). The showcase’s Start Date may also begin before 17 January 2025 and its End Date may extend beyond 26 January 2025. 

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  • A budget of up to $30,000 covering the artist/collective’s honorarium, materials costs associated with the process, and costs for the final showcase. 
  • $15,000 (50%) will be disbursed upon appointment to the Residency. 
  • Up to S$15,000 (50%) will be disbursed upon completion of all deliverables and submission of reports. Amount to be reimbursed will be based on actual expenditure. 
  • *SCAPE will facilitate link-ups with interested participants from our community partners, venue partners in the Somerset Belt and public, and provide spaces for the Residency, subject to availability, as well as provide publicity support. 
  • Community Artist Sharing Session – a small, casual gathering where artists may share their process and plans, and receive feedback from peers. 
  • Consultation sessions with Resource Panelists, who are experienced community artists, for feedback and guidance if needed. 



  • A Residency project that involves sustained, regular interaction[1] with a youth community group during the six-month Residency period, with documentation and monthly updates of key milestones. 
  • A showcase at *SCAPE / Somerset Belt venue partner in Jan 2025 presented as a conclusion to the Residency. 
  • An Evaluation Report and Financial Report, submitted within one month of the Residency’s completion, together with all supporting documents and receipts for verification purposes. 

All deliverables must be met to receive the Residency package. 


Who may apply? 

  • Individual artist or arts collectives of up to four artists may apply. 
  • Individuals who are at least 18 years old and at most 34 years old at the time of registration 
  • Applicant must be practising artists with at least 2 years of relevant arts experience. 
  • Applicant must commit to the entire duration of the Residency. 
  • Only Singaporeans or Permanent Residents of Singapore may apply. 
  • Arts collectives (up to four members) in which the majority of members are Singapore Citizens or PR may apply. The Primary Applicant will have to undertake legal and financial responsibility on behalf of the collective. 

Who may not apply? 

  • If your group or collective is constituted for non-secular purposes


Required Information 

You are required to prepare and submit the following information at the time of application: 

  • Your artistic objectives 
  • Residency Proposal – Write-up of your arts engagement plans 
  • Estimated budget 
  • A calendar of monthly milestones 
  • Curriculum Vitae of key parties involved 
  • Two referee contacts 
  • At least two samples of past work in the last two years /a link to your online portfolio 

[1] Suggested commitment: 60 hours of engagement with the community for a six-month residency 



The table below lists the key dates: 

1 JUL 2024  17 JUL 2024  1 AUG 2024 –  

31 JAN 2025 

JAN 2025 

All applications must be submitted by 1 July 2024, 2359hrs. You may submit your applications early, in advance of the application window. Incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered. 


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Assessment Criteria 

*SCAPE’s assessment will consider: 

  • The applicant’s track record and potential in contributing to community arts practice. 
  • Artistic strength of proposal and quality of engagement process. 
  • Project management – budget, feasibility of plans. 



By submission of the Residency application form, the applicant agrees to all of the above mentioned as well as the following terms and conditions: 

  1. *SCAPE reserves the right to record all or part of the proceedings of the Residency and related activities for broadcast and promotional purposes without payment to the applicants or the applicants’ consent. *SCAPE retains all rights to the recorded materials. 
  1. Any applicant who knowingly gives inaccurate or misleading information will be disqualified. 
  1. In case of any disputes, *SCAPE’s decision shall be final. 
  1. *SCAPE reserves the right to amend the rules and terms and conditions of the Residency. 


Interested applicants are required to register via this link and submit (i) the proposal (see guidelines below) and (ii) Budget form (Annex B) as links, along with any other supporting documents by 1 July 2024 (Mon), 2359hrs. 

If you would like to discuss your proposals with us ahead of the submission deadline, please do not hesitate to contact the *SCAPE team at 

Applicants are required to include the proposed venue and list of collaborators to allow for a more holistic assessment of the proposal. Venues can include *SCAPE or public spaces within the Somerset precinct (subject to availability). 


Teo Annjee

“We felt that the most meaningful aspect of the residency was that we were able to have a safe space for both members of the public and the participants to share their experiences in these novel times, while also being able to use art as a platform to express themselves – a form of creative Placemaking.” Teo Annjee, Artist-in-residence 2021/22

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