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Short Film Social Watch Party
28 May, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Online Content

Short Film Social goes ONLINE for the first time, with our very own watch party with young filmmakers from across various media schools in Singapore.

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Kicking off the series will be students from Republic Polytechnic, MDIS and Nanyang Polytechnic.

Future sessions will include an exciting lineup from Republic Poly, ITE, Lasalle, NTU and many more!

The Paper Chase Drama The film raises awareness of how detrimental it is for Singaporeans to place such an emphasis on ‘chasing’ papers – from ‘chasing’ educational certificates to money.
A Guide To Winning
A Girl’s Heart
Drama The film follows the journey of a young boy wanting to confess his love for the first time with the help of an unlikely friend.
Helen Drama A man reflects upon his broken marriage with his wife, only to realise that he is the cause at the end.
Rooster Animation Two roosters turn from friends to enemies as they fight against each other to win the heart of a beautiful hen.