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Creative Arts
K-Pop Dance Off: Show Us Your Moves Vol. 3
08 Jun - 27 Jul, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
*SCAPE The TreeTop


Shout out to all K-Pop enthusiasts! Join our K-Pop dance workshop designed for individuals who love dancing along to K-pop tunes and are looking for an opportunity to participate in filming a dance cover. You can also look forward to participating in live performances at our upcoming K-Pop events.

The 8 sessions will focus on:

  • K-Pop movements and techniques
  • Choreography
  • Performance showmanship
  • Fashion

These classes are suitable for both newcomers and seasoned dancers to improve their dance steps while learning new routines.

Most importantly, you will be able to meet fellow K-Pop fans and make new dance kakis. Those who would like to experience the process of preparing and filming a dance cover, here’s your chance!

Every Wednesday, 8 June – 27 July 2022

7.30pm – 9pm | *SCAPE

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Mccoy Kdo Youth Leader Mccoy
KDO Youth LeaderJuggling between being a dancer, a videographer, an editor, and a teacher, McCoy brings to the table the best of his knowledge and experience to the table, in order to guide others as one of their own. McCoy aims to help grow and make dreams of aspiring dancers come to life in any way he can. The community comes first in his book, and he plans to give as much back to it as it has for him. 

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