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Creative Arts
*SCAPE Dance Residency: Momentary Bodies
15 - 16 Apr, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
*SCAPE Underground

*SCAPE Dance Residency

Momentary Bodies  

Momentary Bodies is a site-specific performance by *SCAPE’s very own residents from the second edition of the Dance Residency. Experience how each dance artist maneuvers and explores in unique environments.

A guest performance Ontogeny ± will be featured in the evening performances.

Read the synopsis for the performance choreographed by our 2 dance residents under our choreography track and our guest performance Ontogeny ± below.   

15 April 2022 | 8pm  16 April 2022 | 4pm & 8pm 
@ Design Orchard and *SCAPE

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淼 mião 

  ebb, flow. 

congregate, disperse. 


ebb, flow. 

meander, suspend. 


ebb, flow. 







e v  a  p   o   r     a     t      e 






Choreographed by: Kow Xiao Jun 

Date: 15 April, 8pm and 16 April, 4pm and 8pm, Design Orchard Rooftop 


Where we are.  

When our bodies make noise, what do we see?  

When our bodies make shapes, what do we hear? 

Where our bodies were, how do we feel? 

a never-ending tug of war within and without. 

Choreographed by: Ng Jing Wen 

Date: 15 April, 8pm and 16 April, 4pm and 8pm, *SCAPE 


Ontogeny ± 

Originally choreographed as a cross-disciplinary dance film between Latin Ballroom Dancers and Chinese Instrument Musicians, Ontogeny ± sees the performers and musicians come to life as we liberate the moments from the constraints of the 2D digital realm to moments in real-time and space. 

While many artistic works enter the digital sphere, we showcase the possibilities of the alternative, adding the dimensions of space and time to a digital work to breathe life into something truly special. 

Guest Performance by: Ontogeny 

Date: 15 April, 8pm and 16 April, 8pm, *SCAPE 


Performance Track

Click here to find out more about the residents.

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