Interest Groups

Interest Groups

Do you have a spark of interest that you would like to explore or a burning passion which you want to develop further? There are various types of volunteer-run interest groups at *SCAPE that allow you to engage in a diverse range of activities. Have the opportunity to expand your network and meet like-minded individuals and at the same time, hone and develop your skills.

*SCAPE welcomes you to join our interest groups! Contact us if you are interested in joining our interest groups.

Elephant Slacklines

From the ancient art of Korean Bounding wires and historic tightrope walks to modern slacklining, walking on thin lines for a thrill is a challenge on your balance!

KPop Dance Off

If you want to learn some funky moves and make some new friends, join our fortnightly KPOP Dance Off.

Legacy All-Stars

Join our All-Stars Cheerleading team and learn some dazzling, high-octane moves!

Lion City Lockers

Attention all poppers and lockers. Hone your skills and pit your moves against the best funk dancers in town.

Roar City Grounds

If high-octane moves and intense choreography are your kicks, you will love Krump, a style of street dance that is gaining momentum across the globe.


Scruff up your vocabulary while playing against one another in one of the most well-known word games in the world.

Urban Street Team

Join our crew to master the tricks of football freestyle, and perform them slicked with style.