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Music Village and Institutional Tenants

A one-stop centre for all your music needs; from learning the basics of playing a Cajon, getting a studio to jam with your friends or even record your own music – the *SCAPE Music Village is the place to be.

Start your Cajon journey with BEAT’ABOX, book a jamming studio with The Analog Factory or even get your vocals recorded with Ocean Butterflies right here at the *SCAPE Music Village! Pop by any of these spaces to find out more on how to get started!




  • Cajon Classes (*SCAPE Music Village)
  • Cajon Festival


Ocean Butterflies Music


  • Recording Studio (*SCAPE Music Village)
  • Vocal & Song Writing Classes
  • Artiste Management


MADDspace by Singapore Show Choir Academy


  • Music & Dance Classes
  • Recording Studio
  • Show Choir & Musical Theatre Interest Groups