Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Since its inception in 2007, *SCAPE has been the heartbeat of youth culture in Singapore, where thousands of young people were engaged across a broad spectrum of interests with creative and cutting-edge events, ranging from music, media, dance and personal discovery. Through these youth interest programmes and activities, our youths are able to pursue their interests passionately and develop their potential for greater things for the future.

As the integrated talent and resource hub for young people in Singapore, *SCAPE’s network of venues, facilities, programmes, communities and partners provide a holistic avenue for youth who are hungry to create, explore and showcase their creative energies. From the young to the young-at-heart and from the audience to the players, there is something for everyone behind *SCAPE’s doors.

Our Vision

To be a celebrated talent and resource hub for aspiring youth, offering diverse, cutting-edge and trend-setting possibilities to all young Singaporeans.

Our Mission

*SCAPE steps forward as a platform for youth expression, an enabler of youth expression, an enabler of youth initiatives and an engine for identifying, developing and promoting youth talents.