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Budding bands of Baybeats 2017: Every Rage I Seek and Faux Pas

By: Amiril Muhaimin

Over the last two days, we’ve been getting to know the emerging local bands from the roster of Baybeats’ Budding Bands list. We’ve been hearing their stories of excitement, sacrifice, and how they manage their time on top of their busy daily schedules.

In the final part of our Baybeats series, we caught up with Metal band Every Rage I Seek and Indie Rock band Faux Pas.

Band: Every Rage I Seek
Performing On: 16 July
Set Time: 7pm – 7:30pm
Stage: Powerhouse (Esplanade Waterfront Carpark)

Tell us more about your band!

Our band started out as an all-girl band, which slowly morphed over the years to became what it is today. In Greek mythology, Every Rage I Seek (ERIS) is the goddess of discord. We thought this would be a cool way to pay homage to the band’s history.

We play metal music and it’s hard to pinpoint the exact sub-genre as we tend to combine metal influences from the past and present, but you could perhaps pick up metalcore, deathcore, death metal sounds from our tracks.

What was the road to Baybeats like?

Baybeats has been a huge goal for us and we have been intimately following it! To be playing at the festival this year heightens our passion and we are thrilled to showcase our craft to the masses!

We’ve been working hard to finalise our performance for the event, and as budding bands, we’ve attended valuable training classes organised by the Esplanade.

How did your friends and family react when you were selected for the budding bands’ list?

They were as excited as we were! We received plenty of support and positive feedback.

What can fans expect from your set?

Emotionally-driven metal music! Heavy chugging guitars with a spritz of melodic rhythms outlined with three-dimensional growls to bring the house down. Intense aural assault!

Will there by any merch for fans to buy at Baybeats? If yes, what are they?

Absolutely. We’ll have t-Shirts, a reissue of our self-titled EP CD and stickers made available. We are also selling at our merch site: everyrageiseek.bigcartel.com

Band: Faux Pas
Performing On: 16 July
Set Time: 6:30pm – 7pm
Stage: Arena (Esplanade Outdoor Theatre)

Tells us more about your band!

Sal: Faux Pas consist of Nabil, Ben, Eddy and myself, Sal. We play indie rock, and our aim is to bring the ‘rock’ back to ‘indie rock’ while making people dance in the process.

Eddy: Our sound is derived from a whole host of rock bands, ranging from British indie bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Blur to groove kings Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Ben: Groove, simplicity, aggression – these three words best describe our music.

Nabil: We’re four average Joes who just wanna make people dance by playing groovy indie rock.

What was the road to Baybeats like?

Eddy: It was a real surprise to get through the auditions because it’s like a dream come true for every local musician; playing what is known as the pinnacle festival of the Singapore music scene. There’s been a lot of work done to prepare for the main show both musically and on the administrative/marketing aspect.

Ben: We’ve progressed together as a band despite not having any formal music education. Initially, being Noise mentees in 2015 was our first major milestone as we learnt a lot from our peers and mentor (Leonard Soosay) about the art of performance.

Sal: Baybeats has been our dream since our secondary school days. And learning new things during this programme has better equipped us with more knowledge on branding and marketing; which I find very useful.

Nabil: T workshops and master classes we attended were enlightening because we not only learnt different ways to brush ourselves up musically but also learnt more about the marketing and branding aspects of being a band.

How did your friends and family react when you were selected for the budding bands’ list?

Eddy: My friends were shocked that we got through as they know that Esplanade stringently selects the bands for the budding programme. I am very happy to have their support throughout the gigs we played over the years. Not to forget, my family is very supportive of me picking music as a hobby.

Ben: My WhatsApp was flooded with congratulatory messages after the Baybeats budding bands list was released. My family didn’t really know much about it but I’ll bring them down this year to show them just how awesome Baybeats is.

Sal: My friends were really happy that we got selected for the budding bands’ list; probably because they’ve also dreamt of playing Baybeats as well.

Nabil: My friends were really ecstatic when they saw the budding bands list. My family were even more proud of our achievement; particularly because I have uncles who were in very popular Malay rock bands back in the day, one of which is Sweet Charity. At the same time, my family has always been very supportive of us and they’ve seen how hard we’ve been working since the band was formed.

What can fans expect from your set?

Eddy: Get on your dancing shoes and groove to our music!

Ben: Me sweating a lot, running around and jumping, grooving and lots of clapping. We’ll make sure we give them a good time!

Sal: Groovy head-bopping and probably some banter from our frontman.

Nabil: There’ll be sweat; lots of sweat. And most importantly, having fun! It’s gonna be a big-ass party.

Will there be any merch for fans to buy at Baybeats? If yes, what are they?

We’ve got free band stickers! Just approach any of us and we’re be more than glad to give you guys stickers!


Baybeats will be held at the Esplanade from Friday to Sunday, 14 to 16 July 2017. For more information about the event, go to https://www.esplanade.com/festivals-and-series/baybeats/2017.  


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