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Bust the Monday Blues: Cats Make Everything Better

By: Muhammad Jaasir

When Monday always comes about we want nothing more than to throw our alarm at the wall (though if your alarm is your phone, I severely warn you against that), and to crawl back under the covers, while contemplating how much we really need an education, or how much we need money to survive really.

But no matter how much we turn it over in our heads, we still need to get up, get dressed and get going. So, in order to give you that burst of energy you need to conquer the day, here are some cat videos.

Taken from Twitter

I know we all want to crawl into a box pretend no one sees us so we don’t have to work. Sadly we can’t, but cats have no obligations to the world (they’re the OG rebels), so they can. Too bad for us!

Taken from Twitter

This cat looks like it’s trying to claw above the water, and sat afloat. Never have I related more to a cat. And neither will you.

Taken from Twitter

Okay, maybe relate to this instead. This is definitely me every morning. Hangry makes me give the resting b face every morning on the train. That’s probably you too.

If these cat videos can’t perk up your day, then nothing can, and I wish you all the luck in the world.

But maybe this final picture will help:

Taken from www.rd.com

This post is part of our series of Bust The Monday Blues. Look out for more quirky and fun posts to chase your Monday Blues away every week!

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