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#CouchPotatoFridays: mother! Review

By: Muhammad Jaasir

Every Friday, we review one thing that piqued our interest to do on the day we just want to lounge on our couch. These things usually do not take up much physical energy (because we are sick of moving around and stressing out in school or work already). Some of these things can range from films, music albums and video games to board and card games, handicrafts and even food delivery services.

Check out what we’re reviewing today to make you the ultimate couch potato!

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Name of movie: mother!

Price: $7 onwards

What we think about it:

When I was asked what I thought of the movie mother! after I’d seen it, my constant response was “I’ve never felt so attacked in my life!” Everyone you ask who has seen this movie will say, “It was a roller coaster!” and you should know, that is an understatement. I was halfway close to having a panic attack several times during the movie.

But give that this was a Darren Aronofsky movie, and having been a fan of him for a while (Black Swan, Noah, etc.) I should have known what I was stepping into. Aronofsky never does the conventional. He aims to make every movie a ride, and God knows what goes on in that man’s mind. I can only dream to get a peek.

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The premise of mother! is extremely difficult to explain to someone who has not yet seen the film without giving absolutely anything away. Almost everything that you can say sounds like a spoiler. It’s just as hard to talk about it with someone who has! But let me try to be as succinct as possible: Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem are an unnamed couple, living an isolated, private, and peaceful life in a large house in the middle of nowhere. But their peace is disrupted when they are intruded upon by two strangers (played by Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer), which serves as the launching point for the downturn their lives are about to take.

mother! is one of the few rare movies that comes along once every so often to get a “F” rating on CinemaScore. For those that don’t know, CinemaScore is the rating provided to a movie by moviegoers, and not critics, and given the more forgiving nature of the random moviegoer, you know a movie would have had to have been really bad to get a F!

While that stands true for most films, mother! is simply a film that is not meant for all. Darren Aronofsky is not meant for all. It takes a specific taste to appreciate his films. He is not interested in being mainstream, and perhaps that is what makes him and his films so intriguing.

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While I may have called this film an attack on myself, I meant that as a compliment. I love being taken on a ride. Not being able to predict whatever is about to happen. To think that I have gotten a hang on the film, only to have me proven so insanely wrong. When you watch as much movies as me, you learn to predict, and very little in a movie surprises you. So with mother! I got that feeling I was craving for. To truly be lost in a world again. To be taken on an adventure, anchored by Jennifer Lawrence’s riveting portrayal.

Will I recommend this movie to anyone else? Perhaps not. If you’re a member of the mainstream audience, then perhaps this movie is not for you, and I would advise you to spend your hard-earned money on another release, like It or Kingsman. But if you are someone who loves films and watches anything and everything, or if you’re someone who loves an art film, or if you are a fan of Arnonofsky himself, then this film is for you. And trust me, you won’t regret it. At least I didn’t. Would I want to watch this movie again? I’m still on the fence.

Couch Potato Rating:

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