18th September 2017 / Lifestyle

Social Exclusion – The Invisible Monster

By: Samuel Qayyum

Imagine that you are sitting on a wheelchair in a classroom. Your classmates are all laughing at you and making fun of you by calling names, such as “limpy” and “weirdo”. How would that make you feel? This, is the beginning of social exclusion.

It can be something as simple as ignoring that one friend in class. It does sound like a normal thing that happens every day, but it affects people in different ways. For example, it causes them to be insecure and feel unwelcome.

It is not hard to prevent such feelings. A simple hello can make their day. Just carrying out a conversation allows for them to feel like, “hey, people actually do care about me”. Therefore, instead of social exclusion, youths nowadays should work towards social inclusion. Take KFC for example – they hire hearing-impaired staff to learn about differences and appreciate the similarities that we have with the deaf.

Thus, if you know of people who are socially excluded, make a change. Take the first step toward social inclusion and allow for the rest to follow.

As a start, why not try out *SCAPE’s latest workshop, COOK BAKE MAKAN? You can learn how to make local delicacies like siew mai and ondeh-ondeh with people from Dignity Kitchen, Singapore’s first hawker centre run by the disabled and disadvantaged.

COOK, BAKE, MAKAN is happening on Saturday, 30 September 2017 at the Dignity Kitchen. Get your tickets here.

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