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We’re really, really loving this Spice Girls remake

By: Sara Jane Ong

It’s the Spice Girls’ 20th anniversary, and also 20 years since the release of their iconic hit song Wannabe (I remember dancing and singing to this song a lot when I was still in diapers).

In celebration of the girl group’s anniversary, and for a great cause, the Global Goals campaign has come out with an awesome remake of the music video.


In the video, girls from India, Nigeria and the United Kingdom lip-sync to the song, telling people what they really, really want in the world, from ending violence against women and child marriages to highlighting issues like gender equality in education and the workforce.

While we don’t exactly face much sexism in Singapore, many women in the world are still suffering from gender equality – being forced into marriages even before they hit puberty, and drawing a much lesser pay than men – this video is a great way to make a statement about these this issue. We love how the video pushes modern girl power. So, good on you for directing this video, MJ Delaney!

535-were-really-really-loving-this-spice-girls-remake-YH7vBThe video has amassed half a million views since it was uploaded on Tuesday. Even original member, Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham), has given her thumbs up.

Check the video out!

The #WhatIReallyReallyWant video is produced for The Global Goals campaign. For more information about the campaign, go to www.globalgoals.org/join-the-movement-girls. You can also follow it on Facebook and Instagram @theglobalgoals

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