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What you missed at the DBS PayLah! X *SCAPE Palooza

By: Sara Jane Ong

Last Saturday, DBS and *SCAPE launched Singapore’s first QR code cashless payment-led bazaar, with over 100 youth vendors and social enterprises selling their artisanal goods and wares. On top of that, there were also performances by *SCAPE CONFESSIONS’ local musicians, and even a virtual reality arcade.

Check out what you missed during the bazaar!

Old-school snacks. We were practically stuffing with these, since you can hardly find them at normal stores outside now. NTUC, we’re looking at you to stock these babies up!

987FM DJs Sonia Chew and Joakim Gomez. We know how much you guys think they’re hot, and want to meet them for photo opportunities, and for those who didn’t turn up during the bazaar, too bad. You missed your chance to see them live.

$2 clothes. For real. There were booths set up selling pre-loved clothes, with clothes going for as low as $2. If you don’t find that a steal, we don’t know what is!

The virtual reality arcade. No lie, these games were really fun. From RPG to FPS games with big names like Batman: Arkham Knight, we can ensure you that everyone who tried the games out had a ton of fun. And it only cost $5.

Palm-reading. What, you think that a bazaar is only about retail therapy and food? We even had an uncle reading palms to tell your future, and you missed out on that.

Good local music. *SCAPE has always been about supporting young talent, and these talents had the chance to perform at the palooza as part of *SCAPE CONFESSIONS.


Regretting it for not showing up? It’s okay, you can attend more *SCAPE events in the future. Just find out more here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about DBS PayLah!, go to https://www.dbs.com.sg/personal/deposits/pay-with-ease/dbs-paylah.



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