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Startup Hack

Startup Hack is a workshop and seminar-based platform where we help startups and individuals gain relevant or new skills that will help boost their businesses, by inviting subject matter experts that will impart their knowledge in a compact session.

We also invite subject matter experts to conduct workshops on various business topics.

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Decoding Data Analytics (26 June 2020)

Data is now an integral part of every business. To thrive in today’s business landscape, it is crucial to learn how to leverage data to make crucial business decisions. In our increasingly data-reliant and data-saturated society, people who understand how to leverage data to generate insights have the power to change the world. Data visualisations allow concise communication that directly informs strategic decision-making in an organisation.

In this workshop students will be able to analyse real world data sets using Tableau, create data dashboards and visualise the data to help in decision-making.

  • Platform: Zoom
  • Date: 26 June 2021
  • Time: 2-4pm

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Creating Data-Driven Ads (22 October 2020)

Join us for the next Startup Hack workshop where we introduce you to the tools suitable in creating appealing content for digital marketing campaigns. Learn how you can use text, images, and bite-sized videos, based off data-driven decisions with ease.

Building an AI Chatbot (13 Aug 2020)

Chatbots are the new, quick and effective way to connect with your community and customers. Reducing the need for time-consuming emails and hotlines, it’s able to increase effectiveness of your business. With today’s AI capabilities, chatbots are also able to inject and embody personalities that will make your startup truly unique!

Join our facilitators, Abhilash and Yin Yin, founders of BotDistrikt and creators of Bus Uncle, as they bring you through a step-by-step workshop on how to build an AI chatbot. Whether you’re someone looking to create a chatbot or just looking to learn a new skill, this workshop is for you!

Building an Online Branding (25 June 2020)
In this session, we had a 45 mins sharing session with Chloe Lin from The Next Level and Tammie Chew from The Actors Society, where we learnt more about why building an online brand is important for the success of your brand, and what are the necessary steps you have to take to build it.


Adopting Technology to Build HR Capabilities (17 June 2020)
We had David Pooi from Singapore Polytechnic and Eric Tan from The Resource Group speak to us about key Human Resource skills required for you to build a successful business and a successful team, as well as new HR technology tools you can use for your organization. This session was moderated by Josiah Tan from Moaah.

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Work From Home And Ride On Cloud (22 April 2020)
In partnership with Google Business Group Singapore, *SCAPEentrepreneurship team curated a “Work From Home And Ride On Cloud” webinar with the community’s experts to share their knowledge and experience on how youth entrepreneurs can stay connected with their team from anywhere and remain accountable, collaborative, and productive.

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Legal 101 (27 February 2020)
Walter Silvester of Silvester Legal LLC brought us through the key legal frameworks that every business owner or entrepreneur needs to know before embarking on their journey to build a business.

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A Primer to Design Thinking (21 March 2019)
Our attendees experienced a hands-on workshop led by Dun & Bradstreet on design thinking, that enabled them to discover how they can build human-centric and innovative solutions for their businesses.

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LinkedIn Marketing Workshop by Chris J. Reed (24 January 2019)
Top 10 Tips on How to Use LinkedIn to Maximize your Business Growth

Being one of the most important websites for any professional, LinkedIn and how you market on the platform is integral to maximize your business growth. LinkedIn marketing entrepreneur Chris J. Reed led a workshop where he showed the attendees the best ways to use LinkedIn marketing to grow their businesses.

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Have in mind a hot topic that you think we should cover for our next Startup Hack workshop?  Drop us a mail at!