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Startup Hack

Startup Hack is a platform where we discuss issues and trends that are of interest to Startups.

We also invite subject matter experts to conduct workshops on various business topics.

Previous Startup Hacks: 

Building an Online Branding (25 June 2020)

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Adopting Technology to Build HR Capabilities (17 June 2020)

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Work From Home And Ride On Cloud (22 April 2020)
Stay on top of your work and business while working from home with Google Business Group Singapore Community’s experts.

Legal 101 (27 February 2020)
Practical legal issues for businesses that are starting out, with Walter Silvester from Silvester Legal LLC

A Primer to Design Thinking (21 March 2019)

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LinkedIn Marketing Workshop by Chris J. Reed (24 January 2019)
Top 10 Tips on How to Use LinkedIn to Maximize your Business Growth

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Have in mind a hot topic that you think we should cover for our next Startup Hack workshop?  Drop us a mail at!