Is there an age restriction for #SOIMPACT Bootcamp and is it only open to Singaporeans/ Singapore PR?

No, it is not a requirement for participants to be under 35 years old, nor do you’ve to be a Singaporean/ Singapore PR to be selected for the Bootcamp.

However, if your team is qualified for the grant, under raiSE’s VentureForGood (Youth) grant, the key applicant for the grant must be under 35 and a Singaporean/ Singapore PR.

What is the number of people to be in a team?

The maximum number of members you can send to the Bootcamp is 4. You can send less than 4 members to the Bootcamp.

How many teams will be chosen?

Only 10 team teams will be shortlisted and assessment is on a rolling basis.

Is there a fee to #SOIMPACT Bootcamp?

There is a programme fee of S$100. However, no payment is needed to submit your application. Only the 10 shortlisted teams will have to pay the programme fee.

What is the crowdfunding campaign?

From 14 Mar 2018 (Wed), all teams are encouraged to create their crowdfunding campaign on GIVE.asia. The campaign will run from 14 Mar 2018 (Wed) to 19 Apr 2018 (Thu) for teams to validate their ideas and garner support from the community. Outcomes from the crowdfunding campaign will contribute to the final judging criteria.

Three teams will be selected at the end of the Pitch Session and the selected teams will receive dollar-for-dollar matching (up to S$3,000 per team) for the amount raised from their crowdfunding campaigns.

What is the judging criteria?

Teams will be scored on the following:

  • Idea and progress from Workshop to Pitch Session – 50%
  • Amount raised from Crowdfunding Campaign – 25%
  • Number of backers from Crowdfunding Campaign – 25%

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions with regards to #SOIMPACT Bootcamp, contact us at programme@scape.sg.