About SSBD


Same Same but Different:

A colloquial term to describe something that seems
similar on the surface but is actually different in some ways.

This festival is aimed at gathering youths to mix and mingle while learning and gaining new forms of inspiration from community teachers and community gurus, giving them the opportunity to look at communities differently, thus the term “Same Same but Different”.

The event will comprise activities and sharing sessions tapping from a mix of ground-up initiatives, community-based organisations and individual resource people. Youths will get a glimpse of how rich communities are and understand that doing social good can possibly be fun and relevant in via a one-stop learning experience on how communities can transform “borrowed civic spaces” into classrooms and how they can play a part in that.

About *SCAPEnodes

*SCAPEnodes aims to create learning experiences island-wide for youths to gain exposure and clarity of their interests, together with communities around them. With each immersive experience, the team hopes to ignite possibilities of self-discovery and greater community involvement amongst youths.

Feel free to contact us at ssbd@scape.sg.