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What is the K-Pop Trainee Masterclass programme about?


K-Pop Trainee Masterclass

Be a participant of the K-Pop Trainee Masterclass from 19 – 26 June 2020, held at Global K Centre (GKC) in Gyeonggi, South Korea, where the popular reality television competition series Produce 101 was filmed. You will be trained by former 1Million Dance Studio choreographer Jay Kim, who has worked with idols such as Luhan and Jay Park.

We invite dance enthusiasts of any genre to deepen their training. The masterclass programme provides a glimpse into the intensive training that underpins the success of K-Pop idols through experiential learning outside of your comfort zone. It provides a platform for you to challenge, develop, evaluate, and push yourselves as performers.

*SCAPE wants to support passionate youths who are eager to learn the necessary commitment, discipline, independence, perseverance, and teamwork involved in being a well-rounded K-Pop performer.

Dates Event
21 March 2020 Auditions
19 – 26 June 2020 K-Pop Trainee Masterclass


Learning at Global K Centre

Trainees will go through free-style assessment to be sorted into different teams with dance classes covering a range of skills such as body isolation, groove, and K-pop dance covers through facilitated skill training, team choreography, and performance practices.

Other than dance, trainees will attend personal styling classes to learn about hair, makeup, modelling, and presentation in a photoshoot. Self-awareness during filming will also being taught, specifically with skills such as learning your natural expression, gestures, voice tone, way of speaking, and posing for cameras. This is especially important as you will be filmed throughout your journey at GKC. The classes are curated to let you discover yourself and shape you as a well-rounded performer.

Before you return from South Korea, trainees will perform a graduation showcase as part of the masterclass programme to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained together with your team. South Korean entertainment agencies such as n.CH Entertainment, Evermore Music, and more will be present during the showcase to scout for suitable talents for further professional development.

After returning

Your journey does not end here. You will continue to train with your team towards a public performance showcase in Singapore for the K-pop Trainee Masterclass, held at *SCAPE’s The Ground Theatre in the second half of 2020.

*SCAPE may also provide additional performance opportunities during some of *SCAPE’s events to challenge and showcase the trainees (dates to be confirmed). These events include our annual K-Pop All In, the monthly K-Pop Dance Off, and more.

We will also continue to profile you through the music video recorded in South Korea and a docu-series that will be created based on you and your team’s journey in South Korea. These will be shared via *SCAPE’s social media channels and future publicity.