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*SCAPE Picks: The Best 2021 Podcasts To Listen To Now
Contributed by *SCAPE Staff & Podcast Mentors
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“Audio—not just music—would be the future,” says Daniel Ek, the boss of Spotify. What is Podcast? A podcast is a recording of audio discussion on a specific topic, that can be listened to for free on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Podcast has become an essential form of entertainment in our lives these days. And for good reasons too! Be it your morning Google alarm or your work distraction, the best thing about podcasts is that it doesn’t require that much thinking at all. You get captivated by the conversation simply because it’s really easy to listen to while you do other stuff.

From fun entertainment to thrilling true crime, to factual podcasts to learn new things, there is something for everyone.  You may find yourself lost in the sea of podcasts on Spotify, so to help you out, our *SCAPE staff and Podcast Competition+ mentors have come up with the following 10 podcasts that we absolutely enjoy! Whether you are new to the world of podcasts or just looking for top podcast recommendations to expand your podcast library, we’ve got you covered. 

*SCAPE Staff Recommends The Best Podcasts To Listen To Now

Podcast scape Lepak One Korner The Podcast by Lepak One Korner

Lepak One Korner for me! Especially the ghost stories. Hafidz Rahman’s storytelling is very vivid and he uses no sound effects. As such, it comes across as very raw and he alternates between English and Malay. The ghost story topics are also very intriguing, from black magic to possession, to spiritual beings living in people’s houses. Most of these stories happen in Singapore.” – Elena

Podcast Hush Podcast Hush Podcast

“I started listening to Hush Podcast when they had fewer than 100 IG followers. Now, they have grown to close to 3K followers and even started a YouTube channel! I don’t have a lot of time for podcasts but this one caught my attention. Hosted by radio DJs Germaine Tan, Hazelle Teo, and Azura Goh, the podcast discusses relationships, makeup, tricks seen on TikTok, etc. They also recently started inviting famous personalities to the podcast. Go check it out!” – Pauline

Podcast Truly Madly Vibes Truly Madly Vibes

“You got to check out Truly Madly Vibes by Abby and Shane (Shane is actually the winner of our first Podcast Competition+)! In it, they share fun banter, music recommendations, and just pure good vibes. Like a good old radio show, it’s easy to listen to while working or on the go. The perfect companion for these work-from-home days.” – Belinda

Podcast Murdaugh Murders Podcast Murdaugh Murders Podcast

“If you’re into true crime, Murdaugh Murders Podcast packs a whole lot of mysteries into one. It’s a riveting true-crime podcast that follows the ongoing Murdaugh Murders saga. You’ve a string of suspicious and interconnected deaths, corruption and secrets, and a powerful family at the centre of it all. Just when you think the story can’t get any more bizarre and unreal, it does. Trust me when I say you won’t be able to put this one down!” – Belinda 

Podcast Point Of View And Stoic Coffee Break Point of View and Stoic Coffee Break

“I am going to recommend *SCAPE’s Point of View podcast. It is a podcast aimed at fostering healthy discussions on esports topics that are not often discussed in mainstream media. It features guests from the local esports industry to share their experiences and discuss said topics.

And also Stoic Coffee Break. 20 mins of stoicism during lunch!” – Wenceslaus

Podcast The Thirsty Sisters The Thirsty Sisters 

“I enjoy listening to The Thirsty Sisters by Sylvia and Nina. Their podcasts episodes are usually on trending or relatable topics that are seldom being talked about in-depth or in detail. I love their energy and they have their own ways of telling stories in the most entertaining ways! They are also good at giving advices and are always sharing based on their personal experiences too. It’s never a bore to listen to their podcasts!” – Syafiqah 

Podcast Competition+ Mentors Recommend The Best Podcasts to Listen To Now

Podcast Radiolab Chew Soo Wei 

Radiolab is a science-based and philosophical podcast with stories told in a myriad of exciting audio elements. Highly recommended for those (geeks) who love a deeper insight into the tumultuous historical or trendy events with a good balance of research and human tales. 

60 words, 20 years is a Peabody-Award winning story about the aftermath of September 11 and its impact on war and peace.

Podcast The Amelia Project Raven Lim 

The Amelia Project – A dark comedy audio drama focusing on a secret agency that helps clients fake their deaths and return with a new identity, with each episode focusing on a different client.

Podcast Ologies Raven Lim 

Ologies – Love how Alie Ward is making science wonderfully entertaining. Every week, she interviews an expert labouring in a scientific field you have probably never heard of, covering topics as varied as vaccines, Mars missions, slug sex, beauty standards and beer science.

Have you listened to any of these podcasts? f not, go check out these podcasts on Spotify and let us know what you think about them! And if you are an aspiring podcaster, or planning to start a podcast, *SCAPE is organising a Podcast Competition+, a five-week mentorship programme to nurture aspiring podcasters. 

There are cash prizes and top-end podcasting equipment to be won. All you need to do is share your concept to the Podcast Competition+ by 20 October 2021. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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