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Head, Digital Innovation and Technology

Job Description

Department Digital Innovation and Technology
Job Title Head, Digital Innovation and Technology
Duration 2 years contract (renewable)

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Heads the Enterprise Architecture Steering Committee (made up of members representing all the functional units within the organization) that guides and directs the Architecture programme, and holds an important role to liaise with the Executive Management team to ensure that the architectures are valued, and that the implementation initiatives in the programmes and projects realizes the architectures.
  2. Recruit, lead, supervise and mentor a small and effective team of specialists to form the Architecture Team to fulfil the organisation’s renewed digital aspiration.
  3. Key liaison between the executive level stakeholders, the line managers of the divisions and your team of specialists.
  4. Design and propose to Board, Senior Management Team and/or functional units within the organisation on suitable strategies, innovative digital tools and solutions for defined desired outcomes or assessed existing gaps.
  5. Plan, drive and support the appropriate adoption and periodic review of digital tools and solutions by business partnering all functional units within the organisation, specifically in the areas of but not limited to:a. Youth outreach, engagement and development
    i. Review and design the user interface and experience of visitors to online outreach assets in partnership with Marcom team,
    ii. Design and recommend appropriate use of web 2.0 and 3.0 tools to deliver engagement and/or development programmes in driving higher participation and exciting experiences in partnership with programmes team.
    iii. Support the implementation of *SCAPE’s membership scheme that incentivizes and recognizes youths’ involvement in *SCAPE ecosystem.b. IT infrastructure
    i. Redesign and implement the internet connectivity infrastructural plan in tandem with the upcoming building renovation
    ii. Assess and propose an effective digital work environment and necessary tools for all staff.c. Data collection and analysis
    i. Lead and collaborate with Strategic Planning team for analyses of data that are relevant for retail engagements, developing significant insights and recommendations to management and all functional units.

    d. Governance
    i. Assess, recommend and implement the necessary new tools and/or solutions to ensure organizational governance adherence and compliance to public service or industry acceptable norms.

    e. Sustainability
    i. Design and implementation of a building management system and its network of interconnected sensors that achieves targeted level of cost, energy and manpower efficiency,
    ii. Facilitate and support the organisation’s developing ambition to diversify revenue sources through means of electronic payments, e-commerce, fundraising, etc.

    f. Security
    i. Collaborate with Facilities Management team to review and redesign a robust building security system through a network of smart cameras, sensors, access control functions while allowing for greater convenience to youths.
    ii. Assess, implement and review a robust cybersecurity plan to protect sensitive data and interconnected nodes of digital platforms that *SCAPE will eventually bring online.

  6. Lead the implementation, discussion and review of all IT-related policies and standard operating procedures in view of mandatory annual IT audit and ensure sound business continuity for the organisation.
  7. Serve as the budget custodian for all IT and digital transformation-related expenses, ensuring prudent spending and effective use of funds.
  8. Collaborate with the Senior Management Team to source, pursue and secure suitable funding in supporting the approved implementations.
  9. Oversee and guide the team in identifying and engaging suitable vendors and partners in delivering discussed and approved project management and maintenance plans.


  1. Minimum a degree in a relevant field of study.
  2. At least 6 years of relevant professional experience is required. Candidates with 8 or more years of relevant experience will be considered for the Assistant Director role.
    a. Experience leading a team to successful business partnering and implementations.
    b. Experience identifying, developing and implementing solutions for large-scale technical projects – including liaising with engineers and software developers.
    c. Experience in third-party vendor management.
    d. Experience with ICT hardware, mobile phones and web-based technologies, particularly designing or deploying tools appropriate to low-bandwidth environments.
    e. Experience in other technical areas, i.e. network administration, support services management, messaging, database administration and data visualization.
    f. Working knowledge of SQL database is preferred.
  3. Professional certification in ICT project management, programming, software engineering, business analytics, telecommunications and/or information security is an asset.
  4. Knowledge on human-centred design thinking approaches, information systems, requirements analysis and software development is an advantage.

Salary commensurate according to relevance of work experience and qualifications. Interested candidate may apply the job by sending your updated resume to indicating your expected salary and date of availability.

We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates would be notified.