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Various locations at *SCAPE

It’s time to sharpen your FIFA skills and move to the NEXT LEVEL!
How do I get better? Which player would give me an advantage? Am I using the right formation?
Learn how you can improve your FIFA in-game skills by being taught and mentored by some of the TOP FIFA players in Singapore.


Players and students who are interested in signing up for the course are expected to:

  1. Have a basic understanding of the game (and have a FUT account)
  2. Have a positive learning attitude – be highly cooperative to the coach and deliver homework when required
  3. Have basic football knowledge

This course is designed to accommodate players and students of various learning curves and backgrounds, hence, there will be no rank limitation during the duration of the course.

Workshops Schedule

UNIT 1: Defensive shape and ball retention
22 Jan 2020, 6pm – 10pm
This lesson is to help students understand the fundamentals of competitive play, most notably defensive tactics that are at the core of successful footballing sides. The module will cover important concepts to give students a better understanding of defensive situations and to improve their overall tactical awareness.

UNIT 2: Offensive and defensive transitions
29 Jan 2020, 6pm – 10pm
This lesson teaches students the importance of effective switching between attack and defense, and how best to retain control in midfield when players are out of position. Since the majority of goals in football are scored due to ineffective transitions, the class aims to cut out errors that lead to simple goals for opponents.

UNIT 3: Chance creation and shot selection
1 Feb 2020, 1pm – 5pm
FIFA 19 has introduced brand new ways of scoring, and this lesson aims to get students comfortable with different shooting techniques that ultimately make them more dangerous in the final third.

UNIT 4: Formations, game plans, and team selection
5 Feb 2020, 6pm – 10pm
Since competitive FIFA is centered around the FUT game mode, it’s become important to select players that complement the esports players’ styles. This class will teach students important lessons in selecting the right players for the right positions.

UNIT 5: Crossing and dribbling
9 Feb 2020, 1pm – 5pm
The next phase of coaching, once students have become more comfortable with shooting techniques, is to further develop their chance creation skill sets. The lesson will cover inswinging vs out-swinging crosses, and advanced dribbling moves that give players a wider range of options to create chances in the final third.

UNIT 6: Defending and set pieces
12 Feb 2020, 6pm – 10pm
It’s often said in football that goals win games, but defense wins championships. This lesson will cover advanced defending techniques like run tracking and offside traps, which are great tools for manual defending. New features added to FIFA this year like keeper movement will also be covered, with the overarching aim of giving the players all the tools they need to cope with any form of attack.

UNIT 7: Wing play and off the ball movement
16 Feb 2020, 1pm – 5pm
This module will teach players how to open up passing lanes from deep and wide positions, with a combination of dribbling, passing and triggering off the ball runners to make their attacks more dynamic.

UNIT 8: Player instructions
26 Feb 2020, 6pm – 10pm
Drift wide or stay central? Get in behind or come short to receive the ball? These are the questions that real-life players and coaches struggle with on a daily basis. This module aims to equip course participants with the tactical knowledge that will allow them to get the most out of the players they have at their disposal.

UNIT 9: Tactics Pt 1: Countering PTB and high press
4 Mar 2020, 6pm – 10pm
Pep Guardiola has often said, “If your opponent puts his whole team behind the ball, it doesn’t matter how good you are because it’s going to be a tough game”. This lesson similarly will teach students how to approach breaking down defensive play styles – a key feature in competitive play.

UNIT 10: Tactics Pt 2: Dynamic tactics switching
11 Mar 2020, 6pm – 10pm
Players at the top level must be adaptable. With FIFA’s all-new dynamic tactics feature of allowing players to instantly switch formations in-game, it has become important to be able to react on the fly and change tactics depending on the play style of your opponent. This module will make players more competent in recognizing changing situations as and when they develop on the pitch.