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*SCAPE Sky Terraces
300 pax (3,245 sqft - 7,908 sqft)
Level 3, Level 4
Starting from $500.00

Level 3

Surrounded by lush greenery that exudes a relaxed and calm atmosphere, the *SCAPE Sky Terrace at Level 3 has an exclusive atmosphere for those who wish to have more intimacy and privacy at their functions or events. This spacious area is a great choice for mini-concerts and movie screenings under the stars, or alfresco cocktail receptions for business and private parties and gatherings.

Level 4

Providing a beautiful skyline view of Grange Road and overlooking the Playspace, the Sky Terrace at Level 4 is immensely popular for photo taking and a wide array of events and activities. It has both indoor and outdoor sections which allows for much versatility during your functions or events. This venue has been used many times for shoots, dance activities and casual cocktail receptions.