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Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters is a series of talks where industry veterans/thought leaders/entrepreneurs will be invited down to share their experience and journey to aspiring youth entrepreneurs.

Go Regional, Go ASEAN (2 September 2020)

Join us as we hear from Leon Qiu, Impact Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 at the National Youth Entrepreneurship Awards, and CEO of Get All Myanmar Co., a digital commerce platform that empowers microentrepreneurs with technology. Get is currently based in Yangon and is expanding throughout the Southeast Asian region.

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Launching An App – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (15 July 2020)Mtm App Carou


Cope & Grow Amidst COVID-19 (14 May 2020)
In this session, Shawn Phua from SMECentre@ASME and Baharudin Nordin from SME Digital Tech Hub shared with our attendees how they can improve operations and generate new revenue through digitalization and technology adaption, as well as various schemes available to help our entrepreneurs through COVID-19.

1) Shawn Phua, Senior Business Adviser, SMECentre@ASME
2) Baharudin Nordin, Director/Consultant, SME Digital Tech Hub


The Future of Retail Entrepreneurship  (28 November 2019)
What is the future of retail entrepreneurship and how is it changing from what we know today? Our speakers shared with us more on how their businesses are changing and how entrepreneurs can be adaptable to become more resilient. Our speakers for this session include Emile Dumont from The Posture Lab, Nikki Chua from Retailers Market, Rachel Lim from Love, Bonito, and Rani Dhaschainey from The Curve Cult.

1) Rachel Lim, Co-Founder of Love, Bonito
2) Nikki Chua, Co-Founder of Retailers Market
3) Rani Dhaschainey, Founder of The Curve Cult
4) Emile Dumont, Founder of The Posture Lab

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Can You Turn Your Creativity into a Lucrative Business? (9 October 2019)
We brought together speakers that developed their very own creative businesses, to show our entrepreneurs that anything is possible! Our speakers for this session include Deneice Grace Foo from MADDspace, Ho Jia Jian from Viddsee, Sano Shimano from Hypesound Co., and Vrinda Bahl from MAGES Studio.

1) Ho Jia Jian, Co-Founder & CEO, Viddsee
2)Sano Shimano, Music Director & Founder, Hypesound Co.
3)Deniece Grace Foo, Co-Founder & Creative Director, MADDspace
4) Vrinda Bahl,, Growth Strategist, MAGES Studio

Moderated by : Denise Teo, Partner & Program Manager, NewYork.SG

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Business For Good- Sustainability vs Impact (20 July 2019)
Is sustainability just a word we use? How do we ensure a positive impact with our businesses? We brought together speakers that have their very own businesses in the sustainability space and shared with us how they ensure their business tackles the problems they set out to solve. Our speakers for this session include Alfie Othman from raiSE Singapore, Carrie Tan from Daughters of Tomorrow, Edward Yee from GivFunds, Terence Chia from LIEN Centre for Social Innovation @ SMU, and Yoke Pean Thye from WISE-WASH in Southeast Asia.

1) Terence Chia, Entrepreneurship Development Lead of LIEN Centre for Social Innovation@SMU
2) Yoke Pean Thye, Co-Founder of WISE -WASH in Southeast Asia
3) Carrie Tan, Founder and Executive Director of Daughters Of Tomorrow
4) Edward Yee, Co-Founder of Givfunds



Unconventional Occupations- Taking the Road Less Travelled (30 March 2019)
With their stories, these speakers inspired entrepreneurs that were looking to venture into unconventional industries. We brought on Brillyn Toh from Hock Siong & Co., Harmony Tee from Harmony Funeral Care, Jayf “Babael” Soh from Resurgence and Lyn Kua from Assemble Singapore. As our Keynote Speaker, we had the pleasure to have Teo Ser Luck, Entrepreneur, Investor, Member of Parliament and Former Minister of State.

1) Jayf “Babael” Soh, CEO & Founder, Resurgence
2) Harmony Tee, Funeral Director & Founder, Harmony Funeral Care
3) Brillyn Toh, Managing Partner, Hock Siong & Co.
4) Lyn Kua, Marketing Director & Co-Founder, Assemble Singapore

Keynote Speaker: Teo Ser Luck, Entrepreneur, Investor, Member of Parliament, Former Minister of State

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Leaders in the Age of Disruptive Innovation (12 Jan 2019)
These entrepreneurs showed our attendees that they could also be the next disruptive force in the economy. We had with us Kelvin Teo from Funding Societies | Modalku, Kenny Choy from Sqkii, Kevin Fitzgerald from Xero, and Quek Siu Rui from Carousell. As our Keynote Speaker, we had the pleasure to have Li Hong Yi, Deputy Director at GovTech.

1) Quek Siu Rui, Co-Founder, CEO Carousell
2) Kevin Fitzgerald, Regional Director- Asia, Xero
3) Kelvin Teo, Co-Founder,Funding Societies | Modalku
4) Kenny Choy, Co-Founder, Sqkii

Keynote Speaker: Li Hong Yi,  Deputy Director, GovTech 

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