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About *SCAPE

*SCAPE Co., Ltd. is a non-profit organisation, a registered charity, and an Institution of a Public Character that engages and nurtures youth by developing their talents. At *SCAPE, we offer a holistic network of programmes, communities, and facilities to support youth in their pursuit of interests and passion areas. Together with our partners, we inspire and empower our youth to discover boundless possibilities.

Corporate Information

Charity Status

Charity Registration No.: 2071
Charity Registration Date: 22 November 2007
Constitution: Company Limited by Guarantee with
Charity Status Date of 22 November 2007
13 July 2007
RCB Registration No:

Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) Status

IPC No.: 000581
Effective Date: 21 Oct 2021 to 20 Oct 2024