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Artists for Hoarding

Vann Law2

On Wings of Silly by Quarter Sugar 

When 36-year old Miss Indy-pendent Choo stumbles upon an errant ang pao and opens it, she turns into what she abhores the most – young, dumb and broke. Beware! There’s a new pesky kid on the block.

This illustration was inspired by multitudes of thought surrounding age, my child, Adam Levine on Paw Patrol, 20 years (or so) of Taylor Swift and just living in this region. Combine all that with my admiration for comics, storytelling and illustration, and you get “On Wings of Silly” – my contribution to this district’s kaleidoscope of perspectives.

The evil-looking critters, I mean kids at the top were drawn from photos of fellow adults who responded to my open call for silly faces. I want to celebrate the child in all of us and hope we remember not to take ourselves too seriously in our personal and collective pursuit of success.


Portal Party by Crevice 

“Portal Party” invites viewers on a journey into a kaleidoscopic gathering of four friends’ artistic visions. Amidst a floating figure suspended in space, vibrant colors pulse and dynamic forms dance across the canvas. Each corner of the artwork reflects the eclectic blend of our identities and experiences, capturing the essence of youth in its multifaceted glory. As we navigate the gateways of existence, “Portal Party” serves as a reminder to embrace the moment, revel in the vibrant energy of youth, and enjoy ourselves with the friends we make along the way.

Mix Energy by simple problem beings (juf) (ZNC) 

In my work, I intertwine the vitality of abstract body movements with the elegance of Arabic motifs, framed by nature and urbanism. A symphony of youthful energy, culture, and nature in perfect harmony.


In My Element by Gwen 

“ In my element “ illustrates scape playing a pivotal role as guardians and mentors to the youth, symbolizing protection, guidance, and guardianship which is symbolised by the fu dogs. The illustration vividly portrays these majestic creatures engaging with the youth, playfully interacting with a ball. This imagery not only showcases the Fu Dogs’ nurturing nature but also highlights their active involvement in fostering a supportive environment for young creatives.

Much like the playful exchange between the Fu Dogs and the ball, the youth are truly free to explore and express themselves, honing their crafts in an environment filled with joy and camaraderie.

*SCAPE, much like these guardians, provides an essential platform for the youth to delve into their niche subcultures, allowing them to celebrate their individuality and unique perspectives. Through *SCAPE’s inclusive atmosphere, young individuals can discover and embrace their passions, fostering a sense of belonging and community within their respective subcultures. In this way, the Fu Dogs and *SCAPE work hand in hand to empower the youth, providing them with the tools,platfrom and support needed to thrive in their creative endeavors.


Hold On Angel, You’re Already Winning by CYBERCESSPOOL 

Digital Based Artwork is rare and unique despite our vast understanding of digital culture in the modern world. The format of Digital Based Artwork allows the artist to conceive and display a multiverse of their own interactive imagination. ‘Hold On Angel, You’re Already Winning’ is a piece from Cybercesspool’s Digital day to day. Encapsulating how she views her world, sharing it with the voyeur in its raw pixelated format.

The artist allows you to step inside her ‘Chemically unbalanced brain’ to show you their comfort in the disarray of visual noise and sensory overload. Digital Art has and will always be a means of expression to the artist. The blessing of being able to create on the go, with advancements of technology, merged with the explosion of content creation / consumerism has helped to shape her practice through the organic algorithms she curates. Hence, regurgitate our most truthful selves and realities.

This print directly parades the escapism and anxiety Cybercesspool tries to navigate through the common worries of self doubt or authenticity where it feels everything that can be created has already been created (ha ha rule #34).

In the words of the great Mr Rogers : “you’ve already won in this world because you’re the only one who can be you” brings some level of comfort and encouragement.

The creative curse of constant self doubt will always haunt us, but hey, if you’re still creating, honey you’re already winning.

Quarter Sugar Vann Law is an illustrator also known as Quarter Sugar and co-founder of ROUGE Collective in Singapore to develop animated films and tell stories for good. Inspired by comics, cartoons and pop culture, she creates to see the beauty in our ordinaries. She has collaborated with Adobe, *SCAPE, creative arts festivals and musicians as well as shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards.

Website: | IG: quartersugarplease

Crevice In Singapore, where perfection is the standard, lies Crevice — a youthful collective comprising Qowomo(@qowomo), Sam (@earsinfections), Tristen (@superrrduperrrrr), and Martina (@o6void). Operating in deliberate contrast, they embody a persistent and organic disruption in the established order by generating work in a prolific and rhizomatic manner. Medium-agnostic, their expansive body of work spanning tattooing, fashion, and artistic creation is primarily fueled by raw impulse and a celebration of excess inspired by the information overload of the present-day. Their fundamental ethos prioritizes liminality and autonomy, resulting in an expansive and unrestrained output that challenges both ideological and aesthetic norms. Rapturing the status quo, they carve out a space of their own. At the core of their philosophy lies CRE-VICE, symbolizing their belief in “Creation as Vice.”

IG: cr3vic3

“Simple Problem Beings” is a visual artist based in Singapore, specialising in creating surreal characters with distorted body movements using spray-paint and acrylic brush techniques. Inspired by New York 90s graffiti, SPB’s style is characterised by bold colours, intricate line work, and exaggerated forms. This approach has evolved over time to become a distinct and recognisable style that combines elements of both graffiti and contemporary art.
In addition to their main mediums, SPB also uses photography as a tool for inspiration, capturing images of everyday objects and people that serve as a starting point for their creative process. Through this process, SPB is able to explore new themes and ideas while staying grounded in the present moment.
Hello, I’m Gwenster, an illustrator/muralist—a vibrant little force whose creations pulse with energy and defiance. Through bold strokes and angsty illustrations, I celebrate the resilience and fortitude of girls hailing from traditional Chinese families that often favor sons, challenging these stereotypes one brushstroke at a time!
In my work, I fearlessly confront these hurdles of life, drawing inspiration from motifs, puns, and idioms to weave tales of personal bravery and perseverance! Each piece is a testament to the unyielding determination to forge ahead with courage and a little spark!!! Hoping to inspire others to embrace their own journey with audacity and a bit of kickass attitude.
Cybercesspool Cybercesspool graduated with a Bachelors (HONS) from LASALLE College of The Arts in 2017 and is a Singapore-based visual artist. Her art consists of visually manic collages and occasionally mixed media installations. Her practice navigates the nature of the Internet such as Cyberemotions, memes and how humanity embodies this space. Actively exhibiting her work since 2008, some highlight local collaborations include events such as Art After Dark and Singapore Open Media Arts Festival. She has also participated in international shows under collectives Cuntemporary, Kleio Collective (London), Calicommons (USA), Room69 (Vienna) and recently Taipei Design Fair (Taiwan).

Website: | IG: cybercesspool