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*SCAPE Streamer Residency


The Streamer Residency programme is one of the many initiatives offered by *SCAPE, specifically designed for young aspiring streamers who are dedicated to pursuing a career as content creators.

This overseas exchange programme send participating streamers on a learning journey to TwitchCon, a semi-annual gaming convention for the livestreaming video platform, where streamers get to meet international industry professionals, discover new products, trends, technology, and trial new games.

They will experience real-world opportunity to work with brands, create content with fellow streamers, and a chance to collaborate with international content creators.


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(SGT) Join the Streams on *SCAPE Twitch Channel
Sat, 21 October
1:30 AM
IRL Stream: Americans try Singaporean Snacks with @Jooesty
Sun, 22 October
2:30 AM
IRL Stream: Snack n Share: Self-Care on the Street with @Pomponcheng
Sun, 22 October
4:30 AM
IRL Stream: Explore Twitchcon with @Milkibunni & Interview with a Twist
Sun, 22 October
7:00 AM
How to be a perfect ig boyfriend with @Poponut & @AdriaHermione at TwitchCon
Mon, 23 October
1:00 AM
IRL Stream: Free portraits at Twitchcon with @Poponut
Mon, 23 October
5:00 AM
IRL Stream: What do foreigners think about Singapore? + Tips for new streamers with @Sukasblood
Tues, 24 October
4:00 AM
Collab Stream: Trying American Fast Food with @Jooesty & @Sukasblood
Wed, 25 October
5:00 AM
IRL Stream: get thrifty with @AdriaHermione
Wed, 25 October
11:00 AM
Collab Stream: Swap ‘n Savor: White Elephant Vegas Souvenirs & US Treats Taste Test with @Pomponcheng & @Milkibunni

Disclaimer: Schedule subject to change.

Post-Exchange Sharing Session

Following the 7-day Exchange programme, participants will curate a full-day of tailored sharing sessions for aspiring streamers and content creators in Singapore. This will provide them with the chance to share their exchange experience and the valuable insights they have gained.


The Pathway (Season 1) Series

The Pathway (Season 2) Series

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