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EXP Plus: Basics of Streaming and Commentary Workshop
26 Nov 2019 - 04 Jan 2020

EXP2019 offers a series of workshops, with multiple topics from various game titles such as MLBB, LOL and FIFA.


This course aims to equip students and commentators with the necessary knowledge and skill set involved in setting up a stream, building their personality and brand, improving on their craft and gaining confidence in front of a microphone and camera.

Content creators who are interested in attempting to stream and commentate on various platforms can look forward to picking up transferable soft skills such as speech, marketability and basic IT technical knowledge.

Students who are interested in signing up for the course are expected to:

  1. Have a positive learning attitude – be highly cooperative to the coach
  2. Be receptive to personal feedback and guidance from the coach

This course is designed to accommodate students of various learning curves and backgrounds; hence, the course will address basics of each module while providing some intermediate depth for the students to work on after completing the modules.

Unit 1 – Basics Of Hosting (26 Nov)
This lesson aims to educate students on hosting their own podcast or content collaboration. Students can build a network to leverage on each other’s content and look towards meaningful collaborations and producing quality content. This lesson also covers event hosting basics for relevance.

Unit 2 – Basics of Colour Casting (30th Nov)
This lesson aims to educate students on the basic requirements and preparation required for a colour caster. Students who are analytical and want to explore video games commentary can look forward to fun and entertaining lesson to improve their delivery of insights for a video game.

Unit 3 – Basics of Play-By-Play Casting (3rd Dec)
This lesson aims to educate students on the basic requirements and preparation required for a Hype caster. Students can look for helpful tips on how to entertain crowds and work energy into their craft as they bring about the action throughout the game.

Unit 4 – Speech Training & Levelling Up Wit and Humour (7th Dec)
This lesson aims to improve on wit and impart knowledge of humour craft. This lesson will help content creators who are looking at building a community around their online stream through identifying and creating their own unique set of humour and memes. This lesson also aims to impart knowledge of stress control, interaction and helpful tips for all content creators when it comes to crafting their own content.

Unit 5 – Crafting of Personal Brand (10th Dec)
Unit 6 – Crafting of Personal Brand II (14th Dec)

Content creators are global on the get-go and it can be hard to get noticed. This lesson helps students to identify how to create their personal brand and steps required for the content creator to build an audience. Students can look forward to harnessing their unique personalities to gain traction. Participants will learn from various popular influencer in Singapore about their story and their tips and tricks.

Unit 7 – How To Set Up Basic Streaming (17th Dec)
This lesson aims to teach students what is a livestream and how to set up a live stream from scratch. Students will also gain knowledge of various resources for livestreaming including third party software, automation, IT technical knowledge for basic streaming.

Unit 8: How to Engage Audience & Tips and Tricks of a Successful Streamer (21st Dec)
This lesson aims to impart knowledge and best practices for aspiring streamers and content creators allowing them to explore ways of building their own following. Basic guidelines such as stream duration and schedule, objectives are being shared to allow the students to formulate their own strategy

Unit 9 – How to Increase Reach as a Content Creator (28th Dec)
Tips and tricks on how to increase your audience will be taught during this lesson. Students will learn a mix of marketing strategy, titling, social media strategies and apply this knowledge for their own content.

UNIT 10: How to Navigate Around Sponsorship & Monetising Your Content (4th Jan)
An introduction to the various sponsorship types available to streamers, and how to source, secure and execute a sponsorship deal successfully.