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Entrepreneurship and Careers
08 October, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
*SCAPE The TreeTop

#GAINS aims to educate participants to find ways to maintain their personal, physical and mental well-being through effective nutrition, fitness knowledge and skills.

#GAINS is brought to you by *SCAPE and supported by SGFitFam and Crunch Cutlery.

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Improve your physical and mental well-being with our sustainable fitness programme. Programme includes a talk and kickboxing session.

When one decides to lead a healthier lifestyle, where do they start? The real question is how do they ensure they kickstart it the right way? Quick fixes tend to only last for a short period of time like trying to stick to a strict diet or trying to run regularly but being unable to maintain it for long. Learn how you can achieve sustainable fitness with sustainable results by learning simple yet effective tips that you can start practicing immediately.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3 keys to sustainable fitness
  • Exercise and nutrition habits
  • External factors on achieving sustainable fitness
  • 3 bodyweight exercises to target major muscles

Additionally, get involved with a combination of martial arts workout, that helps build stamina and improves coordination.

Crunch Cutlery

Crunch Cutlery

Get creative and experience making usable and edible cutleries from scratch. Learning and adopting the use of sustainable cutleries will not only help minimise ecological footprints, but will also help in maintaining your personal well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience making their own usable and edible cutleries from scratch
  • Creative solution to single-use disposable cutlery
  • Adopt behaviours to be more sustainable every day

The best part, participants will be assigned to mentors that will be guiding them throughout the process.