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community rallies wild rift

*SCAPE Community Rallies: Wild Rift
3 July 2021| 1pm- 5pm | WATCH ON TWITCH


community rallies bedrock

Community Rallies: Bedrock
Calling out all esports communities – Community leaders who are looking to grow your own community, or youths who are looking to lead their own community.

Registration Opening Date: TBC
Registration Closing Date: TBC
Duration of programme: July 2021 – Feb 2022


Details to include:

You have an existing Community You don’t have an existing Community
– Name, Age
– Details of existing community you are looking to grow (provide links if applicable)
– What are your goals for the community
– Name, Age
– What community are you looking to form
– What are your goals for the community


*SCAPE community rallies is a community engagement program targeted at youths looking to be involved in esports.

Community Rallies (CR) aims to gather esports communities together to foster community spirit and cultivate a sense of belonging to these communities. It is a programme that congregates like-minded youths to grow together competitively.

The programme also serves as the platform for community development and experience-based learning through volunteering opportunities. Make a difference with our esports community today!


Community Rallies: Wild Rift
Wild Rift fans, we heard you! The monthly CR friendly tournament begins in July, so do stay tuned to this page for the registration.

CR: Wild Rift is where people of different backgrounds, communities and skill levels all come together to compete and grow. Register now in the link above.

So, if you love these games, or just want to get to know more people from the esports community, then come on down and game with us! Meet more like-minded youths, improve your skills and most importantly have an awesome time!

Community Development Programme
CR is looking to support growing esports communities. If you are currently leading a community and is looking at ways to grow your community, write in to us at

Join us today as a community leader as we would love to hear more about your community and how we can help you to grow it.

Don’t want to be just a participant or a spectator? Are you interested in running activities for the community but don’t know how?
Join us today as a volunteer! Sign up now via or email us at