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Hip hop’s next avant garde bilingual artiste

Singaporean breakthrough artiste Yung Raja has created waves of success for himself as a rapper, songwriter, and actor. Since his emergence as a rapper, Raja has been dubbed as hip hop’s next avant garde bilingual artiste with his tasteful unification of English and Tamil lyrics. Raja found viral success trending in Malaysia and Singapore following the release of his English-Tamil remixes of “Gucci Gang” (Poori Gang), “New Freezer” (More Better), and “Bartier Cardi” (Pathuko Thambi).

Known for his formidable command of English-Tamil rap, Raja continues to confront the industry with his seamless bilingual delivery and distinct cultural references. The multi-talented artiste recently signed with M03 Records, a division of Kartel Records, has been in the media industry for over a decade with success across the local media landscape spanning films, television, and advertisements. Within a year of his foray into hip hop, he was invited to host Yo! MTV Raps alongside South Korea’s Jessi, featured as MTV Asia’s Spotlight artiste in the month, and has been invited to take the Shine Festival and Baybeats stages. Born and raised in Singapore, Raja aims to reinvent societal views in and out of Singapore, inspire the next generation of cultural conservators, and elevate Southeast Asian hip hop to world class stages through his music.

Yung Raja is one of the mentees under the SHINE x *SCAPE Talent Development Programme.