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BUSK STOP by *SCAPE Terms and Conditions


  1. *SCAPE shall not be responsible for any claims, demands, losses, damages, penalties, expenses and liability of any kind arising from your acts, omissions or negligence.
  2. You will be liable for and shall indemnify and hold *SCAPE harmless from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, penalties, expenses and liability of any kind.
  3. Although *SCAPE has taken steps to ensure that the busking location provides you a safe environment to showcase your talent, *SCAPE will not be responsible for any loss, damage to property, physical illness, injury or death you encounter while busking or otherwise arising from busking under the *SCAPE Busking Scheme, unless caused by our gross negligence.
  4. If you are found to have submitted inaccurate or misleading information in your application, your *SCAPE Busking application will be denied.
  5. Buskers are advised to bring their own equipments (preferably battery operated, if applicable), as *SCAPE does not provide any equipment nor power source.
  6. You shall:
    • Only busk at the designated busking location. You are allowed to sell any items/merchandise throughout the course of your busking act.
    • Keep the sound level generated from your busking act at a reasonable volume, but no louder than 65dBA.
    • Keep to the general busking hours between 12pm and 8pm daily, unless otherwise stated.
    • Obtain, at your cost, all necessary busking cards, permits and approvals for the use of any materials (dangerous or otherwise), equipment, props, and/or intellectual property (including but not limited to copyright and composer’s fees) during the busking act.
    • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations prevalent in Singapore at all times when busking.
    • Be present for all time slots that you had confirmed with *SCAPE. Should you be unable to make it after confirmation, please keep *SCAPE informed. Accumulation of 2 or more no shows will result in getting blacklisted.

7. You shall not:

  • Obstruct or cause obstruction to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • Actively solicit any gratuity.
  • Make any vulgar or obscene gesture or remark.
  • Display any signboards or advertising collaterals that are used for the purposes of touting, fundraising or soliciting for any gratuity from the public.

8. Your busking act must not, in *SCAPE’s sole opinion be:

  • Offensive or obscene in nature.
  • Derogatory to or defamatory of any third party.
  • Bring disrepute to or prejudice *SCAPE in any way whatsoever, or be construed to:
    • Advocate or lobby for lifestyles seen as objectionable by the general public.
    • Denigrate or debase a person, group or class of individuals on the basis of race or religion, or serve to create conflict or misunderstanding in our multicultural and multi-religious society.
    • Undermine the authority or legitimacy of the government and public institutions, or threaten the nation’s security or stability.
    • Have a political or religious agenda or proselytise any particular faith, save in accordance with the law.

9. All singing acts must be supported by live music accompaniment, with the exception of group acapella acts

Refer to NAC Busking Terms & Conditions here.

*SCAPE reserves the right to immediately void your *SCAPE Busking application should you breach any of these T&Cs.