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CROP is an independent design studio consisting of three creatives from various design backgrounds. We aim to achieve to have a sustainable business that not only values the work above everything else but also the creatives and the community.

Crop Allan Headshot1Co-Founder, Allan Chan

Can you describe the HubQuarters Fellowship Programme?
It is a programme that lends a helping hand to fresh business owners with unique causes. By providing us a framework to tackle various aspects of business ownership, we are able to resolve any doubts we had about owning a business through weekly sessions and mentorship consulting.

Can you share more about yourself?
We are a newly minted independent graphic design studio that enjoys doing fine arts projects and tackling socially responsible projects that aim to educate the public about certain conservatory causes and heritage.

Our notable clients include NTU Centre for Contemporary Arts Singapore, Asian Film Archive, The Substation, The Private Museum, August Pictures, Wormwood Films and SIM Global Education.

CROP was co-founded by three creatives consisting of Zachary Chan, Wong Chun Sing and Allan Chan. Zachary was well-connected in the fine arts circle as a freelance designer whereas Chun Sing and Allan had extensive experience working in studio and publishing settings. All three of them were course mates in NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media programme.

Please share your experience with the Fellowship Programme?
The HubQuarters Fellowship Programme was very helpful to first-time business owners like us. We are extremely grateful to have a productive space and location that helps us grow our business and get things done. The staff here at *SCAPE are also extremely helpful in facilitating and helping us out. I would say that having a productive space really helps as we are a studio consisting of various creatives that had extensive experience in the design field and all it took was for the pieces to fall in place.

On top of that, we also made meaningful connections with other individuals in this program and that helps us expand our network of friends.

What do you hope to see in the Fellowship community?
Creating more collaborative efforts between different start-ups. It would help create a great ecosystem that allows small businesses to look out for each other more.

How do you think you can contribute back to the Fellowship community?
By telling others how productive this fellowship programme has been to us, we would potentially use design to give back to the community some day.

What are your future plans?
To expand our business and acquire more clients with values that align with ours. We will spend these early years focusing on building up an impressive portfolio and make ourselves more well-known in the circle with our own brand of design ethos and aesthetics.

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