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*SCAPE Entrepreneurship and Careers

Light up that self-starter fire.

*SCAPE Entrepreneurship and Careers is a programming cluster that aims to guide and develop the next generation of creative youths, youth entrepreneurs and start-ups. The cluster strive to create an ecosystem for like-minded youths with innovative ideas and industry partners to foster synergy and growth to empower, inspire, and accelerate each other.

We currently host more than 70 start-ups across social enterprises, creative arts, youth services, info-comm technology, food & beverage, retail, and lifestyle sectors.

Youths can look forward to:

  • A co-working space to pilot businesses and ideas with low start-up risks
  • Developmental programmes curated to budding entrepreneurs and mid-career young adults to learn, prototype and validate ideas
  • An ecosystem of like-minded youth with innovative ideas and industry partners to network with
  • HubQuarters (Co-Working Space)
  • HubQuarters’ Members

Are you a youth entrepreneur or a new start-up? Want to get involved with *SCAPE Entrepreneurship and Careers? Get in touch with us!

Email with your details and let’s get started from there.