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Beyond The Glass Ceiling: Bold Narratives
02 March, 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM
*SCAPE HubQuarters

Beyond The Glass Ceiling: Bold Narratives serves as an empowering theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024 event.

This event seeks to recognise and showcase the strength, resilience, and innovative spirit of women who are boldly leading the way in shaping a world where every voice is valued and every journey is celebrated.

This year, Beyond the Glass Ceiling will serve as an avenue for female filmmakers, content creators, and gaming/esports industry professionals to come together. The primary event will consist of two panel discussions, short film screening and networking sessions.

Our objectives this year aim to continue providing a space for young women to be inspired and learn from the narratives of women from diverse backgrounds and experiences in the gaming and creative industries.

Join us in embracing and championing these bold narratives that exemplify the power of women in leadership and influence.

Saturday, 2 March 2024 | 2PM – 5.30PM | *SCAPE HubQuarters, Level 4


Light refreshments will be provided! Stay tuned for limited redemption of goodie bags at the end of the event, while stock last.

Game Changers: Female Narratives in the Gaming World

This panel seeks to address a realm where pixels and passion collide. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), women constitute less than a quarter of the gaming industry’s workforce, a stark imbalance in a world where girls make up approximately 50% of the global gaming community.

‘Game Changers: Female Narratives in the Gaming World’ seeks to unravel the narratives  behind the statistics, bringing to light the incredible stories of women who are not only breaking barriers but reshaping the very landscape of gaming. We will delve into the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of these game-changers, exploring how they navigate a domain traditionally dominated by men.

Moderator: Cyw Valday16 138 (1)

Victoria Cheng
VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific Host & Content Producer 

Speakers: Photo 2023 05 17 12 57 48

Tammy ‘Furryfish’ Tang

Founder, Female Esports League (FSL)

Dan Sun

Dan Sun

Founding Co-Director for Women in Games Asia


Clara Tan

Content Lead, IMPLS Entertainment (Paper Rex)

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Scripting Success: Women Shaping Digital Narratives

In the dynamic realm of content creation, ‘Scripting Success: Women shaping digital narratives’ seeks to amplify the transformative power of female voices. As we celebrate IWD, it is crucial to recognise the invaluable contributions of women in an industry that often echoes with the narratives of the few.

In this panel, we will spotlight the trailblazing women shaping content creation, an industry where creativity and storytelling converge. Despite facing disparities, female content creators have been redefining the narrative.

The discussion will look at amplifying the bold stories, innovative strategies, and unique perspectives these women bring to the content creation space. Together, let’s recognise, celebrate, and empower women who are leading the way, steering content creation towards a future that is as diverse and dynamic as the stories they tell.

Moderator: Img 0557

Content Creator

Speakers: Professional Portrait

IT Content Creator

Rituals Still

Matilda H.
Ex-cyber security analyst turned full time creator


Social media personality and entrepreneur

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(Limited seats available)