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Creative Arts
18 Oct - 11 Nov
Online Content


Together with instructors from O School, Legacy and Resident from *SCAPE Dance Residency, let’s create a dance choreography that represents our dance communities at *SCAPE.

Share with us the videos of you dancing to your favourite dance moves and hashtag #DanceSync and #SCAPEsg on Instagram! Post your videos by 11 November 2021.

How To Submit:

Submit a 10 – 20 seconds footage of you practising or performing any dance moves / choreography. Upload to your own account and hashtag #DanceSync and #SCAPEsg on Instagram! We will be using these footages as references to create a unique 1 – 1.5 min long choreography. 

  • Hashtag on Instagram: #DanceSync & #SCAPEsg 
  • 10 seconds minimum – 20 seconds maximum 
  • Minimum resolution: 720p  
  • Recommended that the video be a one-take  

*SCAPE Youths selection: 

Selecting 2 – 5 youths who submitted their videos to co-create with the choreographers.  


  • To attend at least 4 Choreographers discussions (November 2021 – January 2022) 
  • Youths must be interested in creating a unique choreography representing the different dance styles practised at *SCAPE  
  • Youths to be active in contributing their views of their own practising dance style and others 
  • To perform in the final video for the final choreography 
  • Be a part of the *SCAPE Dancers telegram group : 
  • Share your journey in the project on your own social media channels  

October 2021 – January 2022:

Once we have gathered the footages, the instructors as well as some of you will come together to create the choreography. We are also looking for 2 to 5 youths from the video submissions to be involved in this choreography process, selected youths will be featured in the final dance video too!  

January 2022

You can look forward to the final product to be live streamed on *SCAPE Facebook and YouTube in January 2022.  

Post your videos by 11 November 2021


Photo By Shaun Ho (

Cheryl Wee
*SCAPEdance Residency Resident (2020 – 2021)

Haikal O School Instructor

O School Dance Choreographer


Legacy Dance Choreographer

Post your videos by 11 November 2021