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Creative Arts
02 May - 01 Jul

MOV:MENT Lab 2024

Launching its third iteration, MOV:MENT Lab invites filmmakers, choreographers, dance and movement artists to collaborate and create screen-based works, exploring and experimenting on cinematography and body movements. In this 4-month incubation programme, four dance film proposals will be selected, and each will be supported with SGD $8,000 for the creation. This programme will culminate in a live screening presentation at the next Creative Arts Festival and as part of Singapore Arts Week 2025.   

Participants will have an opportunity to connect and collaborate with artists from diverse backgrounds. They will also benefit from mentorship provided by esteemed industry professionals from CINEMOVEMENT: Elysa Wendi, a Singaporean dance artist and filmmaker based in Hong Kong; Jeremy Chua, a film producer and screenwriter based between Singapore and Paris; and Liao Jie Kai, a filmmaker and artist based in Singapore and Tokyo. 

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Programme Timeline: 

Open Call  Project Briefing Meet-and-Greet  Proposal Submission  Announcement of selected proposals  Submission of films  MOV:MENT Lab Screening 

(SAW 2025) 

2 May – 1 July  7 July  28 July  By 10 Aug  25 Nov  17 – 26 Jan 

*Programme timeline may be subjected to changes 


Residency Theme:  


‘The familiar past, the unpredictable present, and the unknown future’ 

The equation “PAST x PRESENT = FUTURE” invites contemplation on how the echoes of the past resonate in the present, shaping the trajectory of what is yet to come.  

This theme invites artists to delve into this interconnectedness by unearthing forgotten narratives, evolving perspectives and envisioning the influence of the past and present on our future. Drawing inspiration from tradition, heritage and ritualism, artists are encouraged to experiment with new techniques and unconventional themes and materials, creating works that not only mirror our current reality but also provide glimpses into the trajectory of where we are headed.  

In this exploration, we seek works that pay homage to our roots while offering fresh and contemporary interpretations, weaving together the threads of past, present, and future.  


Application Process:

  • Complete the application form available at this link.  
  • Please refer to the above for important dates to note. 


Upon selection, each participant/collective receives: 

  • Access to rehearsal and meeting spaces in *SCAPE  
  • SGD $8,000 for creation of the dance film  
  • Access to artists sharing sessions and networking opportunities to connect and meet potential collaborators and industry professionals.  
  • Mentorship support by industry practitioners  

*Rehearsal and meeting spaces are based on request and venue availability  



  • All dance film proposals must be submitted to *SCAPE by 25 Nov 2024, 2359HRS.  
  • The final dance film must be a new and original work with a minimum duration of 8 mins and maximum duration of 15mins.  
  • All dance films must include the opening and closing credits. 

Who can apply?  


  • Individual filmmakers, choreographers, dance, and movement artists may apply  
  • Individuals that are interested in creating screen-based works may apply  
  • Individuals who are between the age of 15 – 35 years old of Singaporean/PR nationality  
  • Applicant must be practicing artists with at least 2 years of relevant arts experience  
  • Applicant must commit to the entire duration of the incubation programme from August’24 to November’24 


Collective or group  

  • Collective or group consisting of filmmakers, choreographers, dance and movement artists may apply  
  • Collective or group that are interested in creating screen-based works may apply  
  • Majority of members must be between the age of 15 – 35 years old and are Singapore Citizens or PR. The Primary Applicant will have to undertake legal and financial responsibility on behalf of the collective or group 
  • Collective or group must consist of practicing artists with at least 2 years of relevant arts experience  
  • Collective or group must commit to the entire duration of the incubation programme from August’24 to November’24 

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“Participating in *SCAPE’s MOV:MENT Lab last year was a truly transformative experience for me. The program provided me with invaluable mentorship and knowledge in dance filmmaking, which helped me develop my skills and confidence as an artist. The resources provided by the program, including studio space, allowed me to experiment freely and bring my creative vision to life with the necessary support. The opportunity to connect with other young artists was also precious, and I formed lasting relationships with my fellow participants. Thanks to MOV:MENT Lab, I gained a deeper understanding of the conversations between cinema and dance.” – Zachary Yap, Director of Imagine the Fire (MOV:MENT Lab 2022)



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