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Watcha Writing? – Reviewing Your Favourite Movies
19 Jun - 17 Jul, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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Watcha Writing?
Reviewing Your Favourite Movies

Movies and television series are a cornerstone of our lives. How do we make sense of the audiovisual medium and translate our analyses and opinions coherently into words?

This 10-hour introductory workshop aims to orientate you to the rigour, craft and process of reviewing films. You will get to deconstruct films through different aspects, including its film language and themes, and apply critical thinking strategies in your writings.

Through a series of discussions and hands-on writing activities, you will get the opportunity to analyse your reviews with your peers and the programme mentor. If you have a budding passion for films and writing, and want to learn more and hone your skills, this is the right place to be!

Every Saturday from 19 June – 17 July 2021
10.30am – 12.30pm | Live on Zoom

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  • Registration closes 14 June 2021, 6pm
  • The course comes with $10 non-refundable fee, for successful applicants
  • Eligibility Requirement:
    Singaporeans/PR aged 15 – 35

By the end of the programme, you will learn how to:

  • Analyse visual and aural elements in film
  • Examine narrative, characters and contexts
  • Assess analyses and writings critically
  • Use writing strategies to produce a critical film review
Programme Structure 
Session 1: Look Closely

  • Introduction to basic film language – focusing on cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing, sound and music
  • Scene analysis – analysing scenes through its film language
  • Writing exercises – writing analytically and precisely using film language; writing short analyses
Session 2: Think Critically

  • Introduction to critical analysis – focusing on themes and genres and how they relate to plot, story, characters, narrative and film language
  • Contextualisation in critical thinking – identifying real-world trends or issues that shape how a film is produced or received, and how this shapes the way we think about the film
  • Analysing reviews – identifying good and bad writing
  • Writing exercises – writing critically and analytically; writing mini-reviews
Session 3: Write Confidently

  • Strategies for writing, structuring reviews
  • Pitfalls and treating writer’s block
  • Mini-review of an assigned drama series on MeWatch (up to 3 episodes; watch at own time)
Session 4: Workshop

  • Mini-review of an assigned drama series on MeWatch
  • Capstone review of a self-picked film (watch at own time in the cinemas, Netflix, etc.)
Session 5: Workshop & Showcase

  • Continuing of capstone review
  • Showcase of participants’ capstone reviews
  • Key learning takeaways & further opportunities
Programme Instructor


Eternality Tan
Film Reviewer

Vice-Chair, Singapore Film Society

ET holds a Master in Education (Curriculum & Teaching) from NIE and is currently the Vice-Chair and Programming Director of the Singapore Film Society, and Managing Director of The Filmic Eye, where he organises film festivals, screenings, talks and workshops. He is part of the adjunct faculty at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information (NTU), where he teaches Introduction to Film Studies and Film Festival Practicum. He also teaches Film Art & History at the School of Design & Media (NYP). Having published more than 2,100 reviews since 2007, ET is one of Singapore’s most prolific film critics, running his eponymous award-winning site ( independently. He has also executive-produced 15 shorts commissioned by the National Arts Council and Singapore Writers Festival.

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