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Creative Arts
The Party Expo(sure)
06 Jul - 31 Aug, 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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T.P.E – The Party Expo(sure)

T.P.E – The Party Expo(sure) is a concept that provides an opportunity to expose people to Singaporean party culture and the collectives that make it thrive.

T.P.E encompasses an onsite activation at *SCAPE with a curated musical programme featuring a rotational ensemble of local DJ collectives, alongside interactive stations engineered to connect attendees with the scene on a more personal level.

Beyond the onsite activation, T.P.E will be extended as a digital experience with easy online accessibility, allowing Singaporeans to continue gaining knowledge and context of the party scene we call home.

6 July – 25 August | *SCAPE #02-02 


14 July 2024
3pm – 6pm
DJ Workshop with NEZ SENJA – Bedroom To Parties 

From the bedrooms to the parties. This DJ masterclass workshop with NEZ SENJA will help you level up and elevate your skills as a DJ. This workshop will teach you how to ace that transition and keep the party going from ground up.

19 July 2024
5.50pm – 6.50pm
Panel Discussion – How can we sustain our local party scene?

We all want what’s best for our local party scene. Its strength comes from unity, mutual respect and a shared goal to see it flourish amongst promoters and audiences alike. But are there cracks in the system? Splinters within the community? Is our current status quo sustainable enough to help our scene thrive in the long run?

21 July 2024
3pm – 6pm
BYOR – Bring Your Own Record

BYOR is a celebration of music in its purest form and all about sharing your favourite vinyl records, discovering new music, and expanding your musical horizons in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Seasoned collectors or those who are just beginning their vinyl journey are encouraged to bring their own vinyl records to share with others.

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