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Partnership with Global K Center and The Academy Australia
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From left, Ms Penny Park, Planning & Sales Department, Global K Center, Mr Goh Kok Wee, Executive Director of *SCAPE, and Ms Angela Lee, Director of The Academy Australia

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between *SCAPE, Global K Center (GKC) based in Paju, South Korea, and The Academy Australia on 7 February 2020.

This MOU entails that *SCAPE youth dancers will be furthering their training in Kpop dance and vocal development through an annual 8-10 days Kpop Trainee Masterclass hosted on site at The Global K Center in Paju, South Korea.

*SCAPE will provide marketing and media support, youth engagement and outreach to drive participation in this programme. In turn, The Academy and GKC would help curate and implement the training programme.

The parties agreed to target a minimum of 50 participants to form the first batch of trainees under this programme. In addition, The Academy and GKC would try their utmost to invite relevant stakeholders from the Kpop entertainment industry to attend the Kpop Trainee Masterclass graduation showcase for the purpose of talent scouting for further development in the Kpop industry.

The participants who complete the programme would receive a certification jointly issued by GKC, The Academy and *SCAPE. The parties identified December 2020 as a possible window to implement the inaugural Kpop Trainee Masterclass.