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goodgoblins aims to consolidate all your recycling efforts and reduce the amount of plastic thrash going into the incinerators and landfill. The idea is to create a tech platform for collectors to go to people houses to collect the recyclables, and a tracking system notifying the users where the recyclables went to and what it has become.
Goodgoblins Founder Founder, Lena Toh

Can you describe the HubQuarters Fellowship Programme?
The Impact that you want to Create is in your hands. Go Forth and Do it.

I find it great that compared to other accelerators and incubators that mostly take startups which are already incorporated or earning revenue, the *SCAPE Fellowship Programme has allowed me to take goodgoblins from just an idea to a phase of testing and validation.

Can you share more about yourself?
I am a designer by training and thinking. I love to think about how we can solve problems that we face in our everyday life with unique out of the box methods.

Please share your experience with the Fellowship Programme?
It has been a refreshing journey for me, especially when this programme, as well as working in the co-working space has allowed me to mix and meet people who are truly passionate about the things that they are doing. I worked in a typical 9-5 job and I feel that many people just go through the motions. But when able to mix and meet like-minded people who have visions for the future, and all working towards a common goal of creating a future that we want, I find that it is empowering, fulfilling and meaningful.

What do you hope to see in the Fellowship community?
It would be good to have more varied kinds of businesses and start-ups in the co-working space.

I think fellowship should be something that people stay committed to, and not something they see as a for-fun thing.

How do you think you can contribute back to the Fellowship community?
Not very sure for now, but being able to come back and mix with friends I have made along the way would be great. Maybe a monthly casual sharing / pitching up to share about what we have all been doing so far? Drinks are important. To get people relaxed. Haha.

What are your future plans?
Raising funds for my app and getting businesses who believe in my idea to come on board with goodgoblins.

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