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Government measures to help youths during COVID-19

“With COVID-19 businesses, organizations, individuals, so many of them are trying to go online and also to digitize whatever they’ve been doing, and I think young people are very well placed to help them with this. I also hope that our young people can make full use of the various measures that have been rolled out to help all Singaporeans with their employment and employability. Four budgets were rolled out in quick succession, amounting to nearly 100 billion dollars. We have in a very rare move, used our national reserves for this purpose and I hope that our young people can make good use of all these opportunities to upskill, to take part in traineeships. All of which you can find under the SGUnited jobs and skills package and at the same time because so many of you are brimming over with good ideas. Please also make use of the initiative under the National Youth Council to work together with like-minded friends and peers and to bring your ideas into reality. For instance, we’re setting aside $30,000,000 from the National Youth Fund to help support projects and initiatives that are related to themes that we have been developing under the SG Youth Action Plan.”

– Ms. Sim Ann , Senior Minister of State
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
Ministry of Communications and Information


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