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Increa aims to benefit individuals and societies through providing customized education for students hence giving more space and time for students to create value and hence share wealth with the world together.

MingxiFounder, Ming Xi

Can you describe the HubQuarters Fellowship Programme?
It’s a half a year program with mentorship, fellowship and workshops to bring you on a startup journey with likeminded individuals to help refine your vision and execution. You also get to mingle with the other startups at *SCAPE HubQuarters and use the workspace and facilities there for added productivity. It’s a great way to get started and gain traction especially if you feel lost and are doing it alone!

Can you share more about yourself?
I’ve always been in a corporate job since graduation and enjoyed the perks of that for many years, while at the same time finding that I don’t have the flexibility in time and energy to pursue goals and ambitions outside of a 9-5 job. Hoping to start a business without a support network or experience after quitting is always difficult and that’s where programs and fellowships really come in place to be helpful.

Please share your experience with the Fellowship Programme?
It was great to meet like-minded friends on a startup journey together and to have the workshops provide a backdrop as to what could be done in the various stages of a startup. I faced challenges defining my vision and execution because everyone in the startup community actually have different ideas on how a problem could be solved. But that proved a very useful exercise in refining what I really hope to achieve and in the way that suits me, so I’m really glad for this experience. It was also really heartening to see different startups blooming and growing and trying different things – even though we’re from different industries and solving different problems, we are all here for a purpose and it’s inspiring to see how different people make things work. It’s an inspiring environment and you don’t usually meet these people on a concentrated level on the streets or in your usual circles.

What do you hope to see in the Fellowship community?
More collaborations and sharing of stories, I think stories inspire, and all successes come from hardships and failures.

How do you think you can contribute back to the Fellowship community?
I also hope to share more of my journey and sharing the networks that I have. I’ve done some work in various industries and that might be useful to many.

What are your future plans?
In my startup I hope to honour people as individuals and help them develop themselves by gaining understanding themselves so that they can contribute to society on a higher level. That will be through workshops, classes etc to help them understand themselves in terms of learning and working styles.

Other than that, I will be writing science articles and songs that will also include the theme that my startup brings.