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Krump Foundation Course

Every Wednesday, 16 December 2020 – 3 March 2021
7.15pm – 8.30pm | *SCAPE, The Treetop 


This class is full.

A deposit of $120 is required and will be fully refunded when you fulfil at least 10 out of 12 classes.

First 6 Classes: Essentials and Fundamentals of Krump
  • Introduction to Basic
  • Single, Doubles and Triples
  • Making Patterns with Basics 
  • Footwork with Stance 
  • Working with Levels 
  • Includes 1 Master Class by Lady Beast
Next 6 Classes: Application, Choreography and Freestyle
  • Understanding Power through Breathing 
  • Creating Story through Hand Gestures and Reality  
  • The Art of Blending Power with Softness 
  • Making a Character 
  • Tell your Story 
  • Includes 1 Master Class by Rumbler Aka Madd Beast