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K-Dance Revolution Competition Terms and Conditions


  1. Contest is open to youths from ages 15 – 35. It is only open to individuals. There is a maximum of 1 entry per person that registers per round. A participant can participate for all 4 rounds.
  2. Before submitting a video entry, the participant must already have registered himself/herself on the *SCAPE website under K-Dance Revolution.
  3. Participants will receive 2 links (An upload link, for your video entry and another private YouTube link to 1LL’s choreography to follow and learn for your video entry) on the day registration closes, through his/her registered email from *SCAPEdance, to upload their video entry to.

Things to take note of for Video Entries

  • Participant must film a video in accordance to the instruction video that was uploaded to *SCAPE’s YouTube, “How to Film Your Dance Entry Video”
  • The maximum length of the video should not pass 1 minute with the greeting and final bow included. The video is not expected to be professionally produced, it can be done using any device (cameras, smartphones, etc). The video has to be unedited.
  • Recording needs to be static and conducted in a brightly lit condition, clearly showing participant’s face (participant to be unmasked).
  • Video file size of the recording needs to be below 50MB, the resolution of the video should at least be at 720p and in mp4 format.
  • The name that is used to register should match the name in the video file name and the name spoken in the video. File should be saved in the following exact format, “KDR_Full Name_Round Number_Date of Submission (DD/MM/YY)>”.

Example: “KDR_Jane Doe_01_121020”.

  • Your video will be uploaded to *SCAPE’s YouTube the next day with the title: K-dance Revolution <Your Name> <Song Title> dance cover
  • All submitted videos will be uploaded onto *SCAPE’s YouTube channel for online voting of the most popular video and external assessment by the casting agency partners such as ch entertainment, lionheart entertainment and evermore entertainment etc.

How to register and dates to look out for

  • You have to register yourself on the *SCAPE website before submitting a video entry or it will not be eligible.
  • Individual round opens for registration on 1st October 2020 (Round 1), 15th October 2020 (Round 2), 29th October 2020 (Round 3) and 12th November (Round 4).
  • Registration closes at 09:00 Singapore (GMT +8) on the day video submissions are open, 12th October 2020 (Round 1), 26th October 2020 (Round 2) , 9th November 2020 (Round 3) and 27th November 2020 (Round 4).
  • Submission of video entries will end a day before at the closing date on Thursdays, 14:00 Singapore (GMT +8) 22 October 2020 (Round 1), 5th November 2020 (Round 2), 19th November 2020 (Round 3) and 3rd December 2020 (Round 4).
  • Thumbs up will be counted at 14:00 Singapore (GMT +8) on the closing date, Fridays 23 October 2020 (Round 1), 6th November 2020 (Round 2), 20th November (Round 3) and 4th December 2020 (Round 4)


  1. Make sure that the *SCAPEdance team can view and access the video otherwise it will not be accepted.
  2. Video entries that do not meet the criteria above will not be eligible.
  3. Personal data in Singapore is protected under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA). With the PDPA, all information and personal data collected shall not be disclosed and will remain within the organising parties.
  4. When a participant submits a video entry, he/she will be allowing *SCAPE to make appropriate edits and to post the video on the *SCAPE’s social media channels.
  5. Winners

How winners will be assessed

  • Winners will be assessed with a point system based on points given out of 50, from 1LL and the points allocated according to thumbs up rank as seen below,
Points allocated Ranked by number of thumbs up
50 points  1st
40 points  2nd
40 points  3rd
30 points  4th
30 points  5th
30 points  6th
20 points  7th
20 points  8th
10 points  9th
10 points  10th
0 point 11th and below
  • The points given by 1LL out of 50 which will be added to the points earned from your accumulated amount of thumbs up. From this we will sum it up and get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • The Top 10 will also receive Zoom invites to Alif Aircho’s class part of Dance Dance Hallyu!
  • Winners are confirmed based on *SCAPE’s Youtube analytics at 14:00 Singapore (GMT+8) on the day submissions are closed, Fridays, 23 October 2020 (Round 1), 6th November 2020 (Round 2), 20th November (Round 3) and 4th December 2020 (Round 4)

Prize Collection

  • Winners will be informed via the registered email with information on the details on collection of prizes.
  • If a winner fails to reply to the email for details to his/her prize within a month, the prize will be forfeited.

If there are any other questions, you can direct them to